At what point are you committed to a mortgage lender?

Nickolas Gleichner asked a question: At what point are you committed to a mortgage lender?
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What is a mortgage commitment?

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When Am I Committed To Mortgage Lender: Real Estate Purchase Contract. Once a home buyer gets pre-approved by a lender, the loan officer will issue a pre-approval letter. With a pre-approval letter, homebuyers can go shop for a home and enter into a real estate purchase contract.

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How to issue a mortgage loan commitment

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Once you are preapproved, the Mortgage Professional issues a preapproval letter in the buyers name stating they have gone through all of these steps and are committed to providing the buyer financing.

Option 1: A 45-day lock at 6.25% and 1 point. If you accept the lock, you and the lender are both committed, regardless of changes in interest rates in the period until closing. Option 2: A 45-day float-down at 6.25% and 1.5

The second is a conditional commitment. The conditional commitment MCL is a little more involved, and it’s what the vast majority of mortgage applicants initially receive. This simply means that the lender is ready and willing to fund your mortgage, but you’ll have to meet some of their conditions to make the lender more comfortable.

Conditions on the Mortgage Commitment Letter Typically, lenders provide mortgage commitment letters with a few conditions. At this point the underwriter knows you can financially afford the loan - but they need to confirm that the value of it is solid. They'll want to tie up some loose ends in your file, such as:

A mortgage commitment, or a loan commitment, means your lender has pre-approved you for a mortgage based on your creditworthiness and income. Lenders usually issue a letter verifying your approved ...

Number two is also a fine answer. If you know a mortgage lender that you want to use, typically that comes with a sense of comfort. There’s nothing wrong with having a lender in mind or even having applied for a mortgage preapproval before contacting your favorite real estate agent.

You are moreso committed to the seller to get an approval within 30 days. To get that approval from a lender you will need an appraisal. Do you want to pay for three separate appraisals? (You must order through the mortgage

If the terms in the disclosure documents are not locked the same day they are set, the borrower is vulnerable to gamesmanship by the lender in setting new terms. Any changes in the terms from those in the disclosure documents should mirror the market but because the borrower at this point is heavily committed, the lender may be tempted to cheat.

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