Benefits of mining in canada?

Anna Dach asked a question: Benefits of mining in canada?
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The many benefits of mining go well beyond mineral extraction and processing. Mining makes many other industrial sectors possible, including transportation, construction, equipment manufacturing, environmental management, geological services, education and research.

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The transportation industries benefit from a vibrant mining sector—mostly rail, as mining accounts for over half of Canada's rail-freight tonnage annually. Learn more about Canadian mineral production. Principal mineral areas, producing mines, and oil and gas fields in Canada

Digging deep on costs and benefits of mining in Yukon. The modernization of placer mining is long overdue and welcomed by WCS Canada. Placer mining in the Indian River Valley, central Yukon. Photo Credit: C. Mantyka-Pringle, WCS Canada. The Yukon Government collected just 0.03% of the value of minerals mined in the territory on behalf its ...

Canada needs mining. Minerals and metals contribute to Canadians’ lives every day. They are the building blocks of our modern society and provide key ingredients for buildings, vehicles, transportation networks and food production. They are in countless consumer products that we rely upon—from toothpaste to bicycles to electronics.

Discover why Canada is a world leader in mining, including details on the broad benefits of mining to society and how mining contributes to Canada's economy. Canadian Mineral Exploration Find out how mineral exploration ensures the long-term viability of Canada's mining industry.

In accordance with Canadian law, mining employers also pay time off for statutory holidays. Benefits – Benefits generally include different types of insurance and retirement benefits, which are either fully or partially paid for by the employer. Types of insurance include: Medical, dental and health insurance for the employee and dependants

Another benefit of mining is that it spurs technological development. We can use some of the safety technologies developed for mining in other industries, such as constructing deep underground subway tunnels, water pipes, and other structures.

Sources of pollution: mining Environment Canada works to address the environmental impacts of mining. Waste rock and mine tailings can result in releases to water and soil. Acidic drainage and the leaching of metals from the mine workings and mine wastes may occur at metal mines.

8. Provides essential resources:Mining provides us with essential goods and services for use in our everyday life like the cookware and electronic components. 9. Spur economic growth: Selling of gold, coal, other mined materials, and job opportunities boost the economic growth of the country.

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