The panic arose that the cyberdelinquents were free to act with it being converted into a legal currency in El Salvador. Bitcoin has 15 years of history with a mountain of volatility that has converted it into millions, but not all. Then you can log in to complete all of your other items.

If your initial object is to be converted into a medium-sized page, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world resists as an alternative to inversion for particulars, provided by the supervisors of all the world that must be accelerated to do so at the end of a regulatory framework. stable has been mercado.

The bitcoin primer was born in the finals of 2008, but there were some después, there in 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto (alias used by his creator) mined the primer block of the cryptocurrency, generated the first transaction between the mismo and the computer programmer Hal Finney, who turned into the first receiver of a peer-to-peer operation (a red computer that allows interchange of information between them in direct form) of this red.

Back pizzas, 10,000 bitcoins

The programmer Laszlo Hanyecz takes a look at the 'crypto' story to realize the beginning of a tangible good with bitcoins. In fact, you can buy Papa John's pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins. At that moment, when the value of the 'cripto' was very low and it did not occur in the market, the cost was equivalent to about 40 dollars. Hoy, these are 10,000 bitcoins worth more than 390 million dollars.

After blocking the cryptocurrency from electronic payment processors Visa, MasterCard and Paypal, on June 14, 2011 Wikileaks began accepting bitcoins. At the same time, the beginning of a major volume of transactions, with the beginning of a large price increase because, first in its history, the bitcoin exchanged the paridad with the dollar (1 bitcóin=1 dólar).

The Coinbase revolution

In October 2012, Coinbase launched its first digital trading platform, with the launch of its first service to buy and sell bitcoins through banking transfers. The company, based in San Francisco, California, is currently the leader in its segment, leading to other gigantes like Binance.

The Banco Central de China prohibits financial institutions from channeling bitcoin operations, provoking the growth of the cryptocurrency that, in one day, goes from being worth $1,200 to $690, a loss of 45%. You may not be older than 3 years, until 2017, so that the 'cripto' can be recovered at this level.

In a few years for the promotion of cryptocurrencies, companies like Microsoft have accepted bitcoin payments for the sale of video games, some applications and software.

The New York State launched the BitLicense name in a regular manner by which it was transferred to the actors of the market. In concrete terms, the norm obliges those involved in negotiations based on digital currencies to obtain a prior and specific business license to operate.

In August 2016, Bitfinex, one of the main cryptocurrency trading markets located in Hong Kong, was hacked with a robot of 120,000 bitcoins, which was worth 60 million dollars, and was discovered by the digital market as well. conllevar riesgos financiers.

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has made a huge contribution to the market and has converted it into the first country by reconciling (which does not implement) bitcoin as a medium-sized country. The first thing you should know is that the cryptocurrency exceeded 5,000 dollars and a year ago it was one of the best in terms of profitability.

Alert from supervisors

The dominant volatility is the effect of bitcoin that in February lost its value within a few weeks, affecting many investors. At this time, the Banco de España and the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) are obliged to issue a joint communication to warn of the risks of these reversals due to their completeness and lack of transparency. Supervisors record that any cryptography has been registered, authorized or verified by any supervisor in Spain, so that stamps may benefit from the guarantees or protection provided by the standards relating to bank or inversion products.

This year, one of the big hits that stirred the cryptocurrency market happened. The gigantic social network Facebook announced the creation of its 'crypto' Libra property, supported by brands such as Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. The idea will be converted into the platform. Just three years later, in 2022, Marck Zuckerberg's company decided to abandon its plans.

A weight of revaluation with growth in the community of the market, the bitcoin lived in 2019 many episodes of life and prolongadas caídas, mainly generated by this forecast of a major competition in which the central banks also have much to say, with advances in addition planes for the creation of our digital currency properties.

It's one of our great years for bitcoin. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic disappeared from the cryptocurrency market during the lockdown and in the next few months, with a strong increase in the use of digital tickets to store cryptocurrencies, while there is an increase in expectations over the use of this division. digital. Según datos compiled by Funcas, only in July of a year the most important 'crypto-wallets' (among them Coinbase, or Binance) increased by around 81.5% the installations between customers respecting the previous year.

The coin is revalued with great success, including the fact that every year it occurs and is called 'halving', a technical adjustment so that the reward for bitcoin miners is reduced at least (maybe no more than 12.5 bitcoins per block). minado has 6.25).

The impact of Tesla and El Salvador

Tesla confirmed that it would accept bitcoins as a medium-sized payment for its vehicles and the price of the 'crypto' disappeared for less than 44,000 dollars on the day of the year. Well, everything you need, let's go. And yet in a very volatile market. As if Elon Musk's company announced that soon after it made its decision, the value of bitcoin declined.

2021 also passed the story of its last year in which El Salvador converted to its first country by accepting bitcoins as a legal currency. In this case, the cryptocurrency claimed to have exceeded 66,000 dollars, at the maximum price, aunque lo cerró por debajo de ese valor (in 46,200 dollars).

The collapse of the 'criptoinvierno'

In 2022, the major land motorcycle will be produced that will be collected in the world of cryptography, with the value of the total market at the same time alone. It all came with the recent collapse of Terra Luna, one of the most popular 'stablecoins' in the market and that, in just 24 hours, caused the loss of more than 200,000 million dollars in the market.

Poco después llegaría el la quiebra de la FTX, que provocó a cascade of banks, among others of the company Génesis, that already caught thousands of people who were living as the value of their inversions evaporated from night to night.

The current situation allows Europe to speed up its objects to regularize a market that has been approved by the Banco Central Europe (BCE) as an authentic “West Bank”.

After a year of bad news for cryptocurrencies, bitcoin will grow again with a 130% revaluation in 2023, reaching $37,885. El miedo a la recesión convirtió a la moneda digital en un valor refugio para los inversores, que ambién se posicionaron al calor del final de las undergoes de tipos de interés por parte de los central banks.

The future passes by regulation

From now until 2024, the forecasts are positive. But the rebirth of the bitcoin in the last 12 months passed inevitably by a major regulation and a more stable legal mark. In Europe there is a market in the MiCA Regulations, a historical norm and a global standard for regular crypto activities based on a holistic perspective that, in the case of Spain, will be implemented in December 2025, according to the forecasts of the Gobierno.

The object of the norm is to watch the route and that there is only a speculative inversion, it can be converted into a transparent and reliable way to compete with the effective or the digital currency props that prepare the main central banks of the world, like the digital euro.

In this scenario, MiCA obliges emisores (those that create cryptocurrencies), interchange platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, etc., or firms that manage banknotes (denominado wallets) to fulfill severe requirements to be registered and obtain a license that permits them to operate. This also includes the start of the operation… and of the bitcoin and other cryptocurrency investors' properties.

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