Can a co-borrower rights on a car loan?

Helene Volkman asked a question: Can a co-borrower rights on a car loan?
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Most people have a co-borrower on their auto loan so they can qualify for a larger financed amount since co-borrowers can combine their incomes together to meet the lender's income requirement. Along with combining income, co-borrowers share equal responsibility for the loan, and both own the car equally.

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Rights of a co borrower on a auto loan. I am a co-borrow with my boyfriend on an auto loan. I traded in my vehicle to get this vehicle and it's only been one month that I've had this vehicle. I have made the 1st payment and insurance on this vehicle as well. We seperated on bad terms and now he's demanding his name off the vehicle.

Co-borrowers. If you signed a vehicle loan with a co-borrower, you and the co-borrower have full responsibility for the loan and equal ownership rights to the vehicle. If you are behind in the payments, either one of you can surrender the vehicle to the lender or authorize a repossession.

Co-borrowers share ownership rights of what the loan purchases. Both the borrower and co-borrower (s) will be listed on the vehicle’s title and loan documents, whereas a cosigner is only listed on the loan. How your credit is impacted when you cosign a loan

Being a co-borrower means both borrowers are equally responsible for payments and have equal rights to the car. Co-borrowing is great for buyers who want to take out a bigger loan than they’d normally be able to qualify for on their own.

Co-borrower – Adding a co-borrower (also known as a co-applicant) to your application means you're applying for a joint auto loan. If approved, each borrower is responsible for repaying the loan and has the same rights to the use and ownership of the vehicle. Does a co borrower need to be on car title?

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