Can companies manipulate their statement of cash flows?

Courtney Considine asked a question: Can companies manipulate their statement of cash flows?
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Receivables increase cash flow, while accounts payable decrease cash flow. A company could artificially inflate its cash flow by accelerating the recognition of funds coming in and delay the recognition of funds leaving until the next period. This is similar to delaying the recognition of written checks.

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The statement of cash flow is not easy to manipulate: The amount of cash flows is not open to manipulation like some expenses and balance sheet items. In order to be reported on the statement of cash flows, the cash transaction must have already happened.

The difficulty arises from the tricks that companies use to manipulate their cash flow statement. Companies often try to promote the good and hide the bad in their financial reports, which is why the cash-flow statement has seen some manipulation over the years. The following explains how this is done. When looking at a cash flow statement, there are three sections that the statement is divided into: operating, investing and financing.

The cash flow statement is invaluable to financial analysis, but investors have to be very careful. Unfortunately, there are many ways for a company to manipulate cash flow and many of these methods are actually legal, although many companies have crossed the line and used illegal methods to manipulate the cash flow.

Companies can bulk up their statements simply by changing the way they deal with the accounting recognition of their outstanding payments, or their accounts payable. A subtler way firms manipulate the cash flow statement is by including cash raised from operations that are not related to the core operations of the company.

Cash Flow Statement Manipulation. Unlike in the accrual accounting world, cash flow is an efficient way for investors to measure a company’s financial health and operational strength. The whole idea of recognizing revenues when realized or realizable can be tricky when an investor has to make a financial decision regarding a certain company.

Do you think companies can manipulate their Statement of Cash Flows? If so, what do you think are some of the top ways in which companies could manipulate it? Expert Answer

Companies are fully aware that investors and lenders are monitoring their cash flow statements. Accountants sometimes manipulate cash flow to make it appear higher than it otherwise should.

Yes it can easily be done. Companies can easily change their cash flow statement. Some of the ways in which the companies manipulate their cash flow statement are: Misusing non operating cash: a company can make subtle changes in its cash inflow and …. View the full answer.

Therefore, it is no surprise that overtime; investors have started focusing on the cash flow statement to assess the real earning power of the companies. In the cash flow statement, the section of cash flow from operating activities (CFO) is the most important because it represents the cash earnings of the company for the year and we all know that “Cash is King”.

It would be logical to assume that cash flow is less prone to manipulation than earnings and an overall truer metric for understanding company performance. However, you should know what you see on cash flow statements isn’t always what it seems.

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