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March 20, 2024

Bargain seekers looking for vintage Birkin, Tom Ford Mombasa or Dior Saddle bags were no doubt happy to add eBay to their hunting ground last year, when the online marketplace added the bags luxury in its offering of consignment services.

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Now, these trend hunters can also use the auction-centric site to discover designer and celebrity ready-to-wear offerings, with eBay moving closer to its predecessors TheRealReal and Vestiaire Collective with the introduction into its offering luxury clothing.

Clothing and other luxury items have always been part of the strategy, according to Kirsty Keoghan, global head of second-hand clothing at eBay. When it launched handbag consignment, eBay announced plans to add other categories of luxury items, like jewelry and watches.

“The cross-functional nature of eBay makes our investments in individual categories more scalable in other areas. Historically, we have applied an evolutionary strategy to our technology and capabilities, launching a category and adapting quickly and efficiently. seamless to other categories,” she said exclusively in an email to

According to the manager, it is the volume itself that constitutes the competitive advantage compared to other resale platforms.

“Our consignment service gives a wide range of sellers access to our audience of 132 million users and brings even more items to the marketplace’s already expansive luxury inventory,” he said. she noted, also emphasizing a professional and transparent logging procedure.

“By removing the difficulties often encountered when reselling online, we are making it easier to participate in the circular economy.”

According to eBay, demand for used clothing increased overall in 2023. The San Jose, California-based organization found that 22 used shirts, 6 pairs of jeans and 8 coats were sold every minute on eBay in United States, United Kingdom and Germany, which proves the interest in second hand in the luxury world and also shows the example of how the monitoring of digital data informs commercial decision-making for retailers.

For casual sellers who decide to make a few dollars on a past luxury purchase, eBay's new service promises to make the process seamless. It also makes it easier for them to participate in circular fashion. While TheRealReal sellers have taken a hit recently, eBay has already received encouraging news for larger sales amounts.

For example, a small quilted Chanel 19 flap bag (returned via the new service in December) exceeded the average sale price of all other bags of the same style sold on eBay last year by more than 45%, according to the 'business.

Items can be sold either as an auction or at a fixed price, usually starting within seven days through the latter method, and at a competitive rate.

“If buyers bid higher than the set starting price, the consignor benefits from a higher sale price and more product. This format ensures that the price of the item is competitive with the price of the market,” said Kirsty Keoghan. He added: “Otherwise, if bids on the item are not competitive or if the item does not sell at auction, Linda's Stuff will re-list it as a 'buy it now' or 'buy it now' (BIN), with “best offer”. This adjustment aims to establish the highest possible price for the item, while providing the opportunity to negotiate, so that consignors obtain the best possible trade-in on their items.


The BIN function is generally also used for high value items.

One of the biggest concerns in the luxury resale market is authentication, an issue with which even the most savvy resellers and e-tailers have needed help. eBay claims to get around these problems through several programs it currently offers on its platform. Its “Direct from Brand” and “Certified by Brand” programs are badge-designated listings signifying that the item is sold by the brand directly or through an authorized seller, as well as its guarantee of authenticity, where professional authenticators with in-depth industry knowledge put eligible items through a rigorous, multi-step verification process, checking each item's condition against the listing to ensure it is a perfect match to its description and that it is authentic. Eligible returnable items priced at or above $500 will automatically display the eBay Authenticity Guarantee badge and, once purchased, will be subject to eBay's authentication process. .

According to Kirsty Keoghan, these tools are essential for items such as watches, sneakers, handbags, jewelry and trading cards. eBay is proud to have authenticated more than 7.7 million items to date, helping to build buyer confidence.

The July 2023 acquisition of Certilogo, a Milan-based provider of AI-powered clothing and fashion authentication services aimed at enabling consumers to manage the lifecycle of their clothing, under the direction of CEO Michele Casucci, is also in place to help prevent counterfeit products from ending up on the site.

For handbags, eBay has partnered with Linda's Stuff, a multimillion-dollar business run by top seller and luxury goods expert Linda Lightman. Linda has operated a consignment store on eBay for over twenty years and will continue to be the resale partner for luxury clothing.

“Our partner, Linda's Stuff, oversees the post-sale process, including notifying consignors of the sale, processing returns directly with buyers within 30 days, and handling payments after that period This comprehensive service streamlines the sales process and provides peace of mind for our consignors,” notes Kirsty Keoghan.

The consignment process on eBay is simple: users fill out the consignment form by answering a few questions. Once the form is submitted, the customer receives a prepaid, insured shipping label. All shipments are insured throughout the shipping process. eBay and consignment partner Linda's Stuff then take care of photographing, pricing and listing the item. Once the item is sold, the consignor receives the proceeds of the sale, which is a percentage of the sale, based on the sale price of the item.

Items considered eligible for consignment on eBay for clothing are available for select brands, at all prices, whether new or used, and fall into specific categories. The brands accepted at the moment are: Adidas, Aimé Leon Dore, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Bape, Burberry, Cactus Plant Flea Market, Chrome Hearts, Comme Des Garçons, Dior, Eric Emanuel, Fendi, Fear of God, Givenchy, Gucci, Jordan, Kith, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Off-White, Ovo, Palace, Palm Angels, Prada, Raf Simons, Rhude, Stone Island, Supreme, Versace, Vetements and Visvim.

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