Emi in credit cards: are you paying more than required?

Trystan Schumm asked a question: Emi in credit cards: are you paying more than required?
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In most cases, you will need to pay interest on the EMIs. The interest rates are generally lower than the credit card interest rates. Processing charges or other fees may be applicable.

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How do EMI schemes on credit cards work? EMI on credit card can be useful and convenient, but there are scenarios in which to use them. Scenario1: EMIs come in handy when you want to buy something that your bank balance doesn’t support like a high-end laptop, smart phone or that designer blazer that you have had your eye on.

Yes of course you may do that. You will have to call the customer support & get this done. There may or not a small fees applicable, depending upon how much is left and how considerate your credit card issuer bank is. Usually

The smaller tranche or EMI includes a portion of principal outstanding and an interest component, which you need to pay every month until the full credit card bill is paid. Further, the bank or the card issuer temporarily blocks/reduces the credit limit by an amount equal to the bill amount converted into EMIs.

Thus, availing merchant EMI offers are usually more cost-effective than availing credit card EMI conversion," Arora said. However, in the case of conversion of credit card dues into EMIs, you may not get the zero cost EMI facility.

If you spend more than what you can pay for at one go, EMIs can help you get the better of it. Unlike Personal Loans , Credit Card EMIs can be availed anytime, provided you have the EMI facility available on your card and sufficient balance to support it.

Processing Fees – Credit card providers may also charge a processing fee to convert transactions into EMI. It can range from 1% to 3% of the transaction amount. Prepayment Charges – Banks might charge you a pre-payment fee if you wish to clear the dues before the end of the tenure.

All the major banks allow their customers to convert the credit card transactions into EMI payments. Converting them into EMIs makes the repayments more manageable and helps the users save money in the process. At the end of the billing cycle, the customer has to pay the minimum amount due on their credit cards and also the EMI amount.

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