“After my bac S, I did HEC prep at the Lycée Chateaubriand in Rennes, in my hometown. Then, I joined Edhec, in Lille. It's a good school, which allows me to have an international career. I thus obtained a double diploma with a master's degree in management and a master's degree in corporate finance, which gave me access to many careers in business.

I was recruited directly after my permanent studies in Paris at PayPal, a growing American company which offers online payment solutions as alternatives to banking. As business development manager in France and Europe, I take care of relations between the company and its B2B partners (website creation solutions).

It is a complete position, in a very stimulating environment. I take care of the commercial part, then the project management, the coordination work with the IT department, but also the whole prospecting aspect to look for new partnerships. It's an American-style club: the environment is multicultural with around twenty nationalities represented, table football in the cafeteria, world cuisine lunches offered by the club…

“The dream job in the dream box!” »

I stayed there for four years. I have no complaints about this experience. I tell myself at that moment: I have the dream job in the dream box… And yet I'm bored. This is where I realize that I am looking for another dimension in my work. I am looking for a more concrete activity, close to people, with deep meaning.

I have several doctor friends, and when they talk about their daily lives, I find it fascinating. In comparison, yes, I have great working conditions but at the end of my days, I don't see the concrete usefulness of my job.

Especially since at this moment, there is a restructuring in my company, we work a little less, and that leaves me a lot of time to ask myself questions. I then contact a lot of different people in the health sector to discuss their profession.

28 years and a gateway

I want to change careers, I really like the health sector, but retraining as a doctor seems too radical to me. I am therefore interested in the careers of hospital directors. I managed to organize a one-week observation course at the La Roche-sur-Yon hospital.

I then understand that I do not want to be in the offices but in the field. I want to heal people. By inquiring, I discovered that there has recently been a bridging system in medicine. With a master's degree, it is possible on application to go directly to the second year of medicine. You must submit a file, then take an oral hearing before a jury.

I chose to apply to the Bordeaux medical school, because I have medical intern friends in this city; and also because I want to leave Paris. And after having worked on it well, I sent my cover letter in March 2015, without really believing it. I continue to make my life, no one in my company knows about this project, apart from a few close colleagues.

” Highs and lows “

Three months later, I received the answer: I am eligible for Bordeaux university. I hesitate to go oral, because I know myself, if I go there and I am taken, I will not be able to turn back. And in my case, at 28, that means a radical change in life. I finally passed the oral exam, I was admitted, in July I left my company.

At the start of the school year, I find myself on the benches of university alongside students who have just spent the worst year of their lives, and who really want to release the pressure… while I am in retraining. It's a huge slap in the face. In addition, as in the second and third year of medicine (so the first two for me) there is little fieldwork, it is only cramming (worse than in prep!), with a quantity of work that I do not I hadn't anticipated, I honestly wonder what I'm doing here.

To be honest, I have ups and downs, moments of doubt. But I'm holding on.

The following year, we finally did our morning internship at the hospital. I have just turned 30 and got married, the gap with my co-externs is complicated, but the gap with those around me is even harder to live with. My friends are doing adult projects, I'm talking about exams and boarding school exams.

Confinement, “perfect” timing

I was then asked to work additionally for a start-up in the medical sector, launched by two anesthetists. For almost a year, I carried out my studies and this project in parallel. After a while, I stop, I can't do it anymore.

But, this experience is beneficial to me because I reconnect with the world of work. It's a real breath of fresh air, which allows me to find the energy to continue and approach the year of the internship competition, in 2020, as calmly as possible.

Then comes covid and its successive confinements. The timing is perfect for me! At 33, the prospect of locking myself away to study for a year, while everyone continues to live seemed too hard for me… With the pandemic, I am not the only one locked up at home and I have the impression of 'to be at the same pace as the others.

Right to remorse

I get a pretty good ranking, I'm in the top third out of around 9,000 students nationally. As I have the choice, in 2020, I decide to take the “public health” specialty, more focused on prevention, epidemiology, health policies, not on care and consultations. This choice allows me both to stay in Bordeaux, because my husband has his job there and we have just bought a house, to be able to make the link with my professional life before, and to reconcile professional life more easily. personally.

But after six months, I tell myself that I haven't come all this way to find myself behind a computer again. I want to be in contact with patients. So I exercise my right to remorse. I changed my specialty and took medical gynecology.

This choice also coincides with the birth of my daughter, and the one semester break that I had to take at my boarding school.

I immediately liked gynecology, despite a more demanding internship with guards and changes of workplace every six months. It's not easy but I know what my days are for. As a gynecologist, we have a special relationship with patients at the different stages of their lives.

The choice to be liberal

We have a role in prevention and screening because the gynecologist is sometimes the only doctor a woman sees regularly. We need to create a bond of trust. This closeness, this kindness, is something that I really like in my daily life. Even if I also discovered the responsibility that goes with it. Sometimes, in the evening when thinking about my days, I get stressed because the consequences of my decisions have a very strong human impact.

Today, the end of my internship is approaching. I still have two years left (one year as a “junior doctor” and one year of assistantship), I would then like to move into an office because I would like to be free in my practice, and work at a pace that reconciles professional and personal life. with a young child.

Two worlds at odds

In eight years, since the start of my reconversion, what I have missed the most is being able to freely choose how I manage my life. This is also why I want to be a private doctor. And it's fortunate, as a doctor, you can choose how you want to work: as a freelancer or as an employee.

When it comes to employment, the business world and the hospital are two very different work environments. The work organization at PayPal was very flexible, for example I did a lot of teleworking, regardless of where I worked from. In the hospital, there are constraints linked to the exercise of the profession: you obviously have to be on site, ensure care and its continuity.

And then, eight years for a reconversion, it's not trivial… and I'm not finished. It's a marathon! And that is the difficulty, but also the interest of such a bifurcation. You have to hold on to the length. I had to give up a certain standard of living but fortunately my husband is there. He is a pillar of my reconversion. Without him, I wouldn't have made it. »

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