Price and quality. Before everything was as easy as making a balance between both variables. But everything in life evolves, us included, so Our purchasing decisions have become increasingly complex. If we add to that greater access to new products and services through online commerce, concern about climate change or caring for the planet and extraordinary situations such as the one experienced with the pandemic, consumer trends become an increasingly important factor. increasingly difficult to predict.

How do we buy today? How will consumption evolve in the coming years? To answer all these questions, Forbes and PayPal gathered the past June 13th in it Unique Hotel in Madrid to a large group of managers belonging to some of the companies most committed to responsible consumption in our country. With the journalist specialized in economics Belen Chiloeches as a moderator, attended the talk Enrique Espinel, COO of Civitatis; Miquel Antolín, CEO and co-founder of Freshly Cosmetics; Beatriz Giménez, director of PayPal Iberia; Pedro Clavería, Chief Strategy Officer of Playtomic; Monica Gonzalez. Chief Customer & Marketing Officer of Allianz; and Joaquín Cuenca. CEO and co-founder of Freepik.

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