A total of 246 Local Police agent services will ensure the smooth development of the festival

Editorial | May 1, 2024

Day of the Cross at the Casa de los Tiros (JUNTA)

Day of the Cross at the Casa de los Tiros (JUNTA)

The Granada City Council has activated special cleaning and security devices for the Day of the Cross with a total of 246 services from Local Police officers who will ensure the smooth development of the festival on May 3 and 4 and 53 Inagra operators who will be in charge of the cleaning tasks in 156 work days, all of which also coincides with the celebration on Saturday, May 4, of the 40th TotalEnergies City of Granada Half Marathon.

This was reported by the mayor of Granada, Marifrán Carazo, who has encouraged Granada residents and visitors “to enjoy the crosses distributed in all the districts of the city and enjoy Saturday in addition to the Half Marathon, in which they will participate 5,500 athletes and that this year for the first time they will enter the Alhambra, in addition to touring the Albaicín, the Realejo and the city center.”

Cleaning Device

The cleaning device started on Tuesday with the installation of trash cans in the neighborhood of La Cruz, the neighborhood of San Ildefonso and the neighborhood of El Fargue, since all of them organize activities the days before the Cruces, and with a reinforcement tomorrow and in the afternoon cleaning the area using three laborers with a motorcar. Furthermore, and taking into account the foreseeable increase in dirt in the city center these previous days, also coinciding with the Labor Day holiday, a reinforcement of the afternoon and night service is being carried out with a greater presence of operators and of irrigation workers on public roads.

On Friday, May 3, ordinary cleaning and collection services will operate normally as it is not a holiday, although tomorrow will begin with the installation of containers and a reinforcement of street cleaning, paying greater attention to the Center and the Albaicín, areas that traditionally have a larger influx on the Day of the Cross. Likewise, and in anticipation of the installation of crosses with bars in the rest of the districts that make up the municipal map, an increase in the means available in them compared to previous years has also been planned.

In the afternoon, and once the festivity has officially begun, the City Council and Inagra have organized eight workers and a team equipped with a rear-loading truck that will travel permanently through the city to attend to any type of incident or eventuality that could occur. These operators will be supported if necessary by the Rapid Intervention team used from the ordinary services and they will be joined at night by a rear load collection team and 16 irrigation workers as reinforcement.

“We are facing one of the largest festivals of those celebrated in the city and although the Crosses and the bars are clearly delimited, we want to be prepared and coordinated to deal with any type of incident that may arise without detriment to the enjoyment of all the Granada residents or visitors who want to come and celebrate with us one of the city's greatest traditions,” added Carazo.

Already on Saturday, May 4, the City Council and Inagra will reinforce the service with a total of 22 street cleaning workers (8 of them in the morning and 14 in the afternoon), in addition to 3 pressure washers on the morning shift who will try to alleviate the excesses of dirt on the street caused by the influx of people on the street the night before and with 2 high-pressure cleaners on afternoon shift to quickly deal with any incidents detected. Along with them, a team equipped with a rear-loading truck will be in charge of selective cardboard collection throughout the day, which traditionally increases on this date.

The mayor has also pointed out the effort that will be made to eliminate any type of stain from the pavement with a reinforcement of the irrigation service through 16 workers, a sweeper, a sidewalk sweeper, a rear loading team and a specialist worker with a scraper for the emptying bin-type containers and narrower areas. In this sense, Carazo has highlighted that Inagra's cleaning services will work in full coordination with the Local Police to deal with incidents and mainly providing coverage to areas with authorized bars, where a greater accumulation of people and a higher level of soiling is expected. high.

In addition, throughout the weekend the day will be brought forward to start at 6 in the morning and speed up the work with the aim of returning the city to its natural state of cleanliness in the shortest possible time.

Security Device
Regarding the security device, on day 3 the intervention of 140 local police officers is planned, distributed in morning (31 agents), afternoon (76) and night (33) shifts. On Saturday, the 4th, there will be 27 officers on the morning shift, 48 in the afternoon and a retainer of 31 agents during the night.

Among its functions, as Carazo recalled, is the surveillance of 'botellones', the control of flows of people – mainly in the areas of Albaicín, Realejo or the center – the regulation of traffic or the periodic surveillance of the spaces where the stores are located. different crossings.

Finally, the mayor also wanted to remember that throughout the day on Friday, May 3, a very special Cross made with recycled materials will remain installed in the Plaza Bib-Rambla, installed next to an Inagra information tent where a team of monitors will carry out workshops Educational programs aimed primarily at the little ones to teach them how to make traditional decorations such as paper flowers to decorate the Cross.

This year, the Day of the Cross contest had 57 crosses registered, of which 9 opted for the streets and squares modality, 25 in patios, 9 in shop windows and 14 in the school category.

Among the scheduled activities, which will begin on May 3, the proclamation by Iván Centenillo and performances by local artists stand out. In addition, the awards ceremony for the 'Ornate Crosses Contest' will be held in its different sections, followed by performances by the Municipal Flamenco School of Granada, the Municipal Group of Regional Dances and the Dance Groups of the Neighborhood Associations, all These events are held in the Plaza del Carmen. In the afternoon, you can enjoy a Day of the Cross concert with artists such as Ortigosa, Domingo Manguara, María Márquez, Retama, Alborea, Cristian Guerrero, Media Luna, Iván Gallego and Julia Garrido, on the Paseo del Salón.

On May 4, the music will continue at the Municipal Cross in the Plaza de las Pasiegas, offering a festive atmosphere for all attendees.

Atmosphere in Reyes Católicos, next to the Plaza del Carmen, on the Day of the Cross in 2024 (EUROPA PRESS)

05/03/2024 | Drafting

In its first hours it has led to the cutting off of automobile circulation in Reyes Católicos

Proclamation of the Day of the Cross (CITY COUNCIL. GRANADA)

05/03/2024 | Drafting

The mayor, Marifrán Carazo, invites citizens to enjoy the color and joy of the city

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