hello.app is the first application in the world that allows users to monetize the local storage space of their personal devices, whether mobiles, tablets or computers. Our platform, powered by blockchain technology and decentralized infrastructure, offers a secure and efficient marketplace for data storage. Users can rent unused space on their devices to others, generating additional income while contributing to a decentralized storage network that is more resilient and accessible. hello.app is the way to maximize storage potential and transform the way we share and store data.

The idea was born from the dream of wanting to change the world and have an impact on people, that is why I did a breakdown of opportunities and came across the “heart of the internet”. Clouds are the heart of the internet, and whoever dominates the clouds will control the internet. That is why we decided to change the Internet, and what better way to do it than by redesigning its fundamental structure so that the data is no longer in the hands of corporations and is in the hands of its owners; the users.

We satisfy two needs:

  1. Monetize unused storage space on personal devices: Many people have devices with storage space that they don't use, such as mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers. hello.app allows them to make this unused space profitable, providing them with another alternative to generate income.
  2. Access to secure, decentralized data storage: For those who need additional storage, hello.app offers an alternative to traditional storage services. Running on blockchain technology and decentralized infrastructures, the platform ensures data security and integrity, while enabling more accessible and loss-resistant storage. This decentralized network also reduces dependence on centralized servers, offering a more robust and scalable solution for data storage.

hello.app brings several new features to the cloud market:

  1. Decentralized monetization– We offer the first platform that allows users to monetize unused storage space on their personal devices such as mobiles, tablets and computers. This creates a new revenue stream for device owners and establishes an innovative business model in the data storage market.
  2. Decentralized network– Powered by blockchain technology and decentralized infrastructures, hello.app creates a distributed storage network, reducing dependence on centralized servers and improving the resilience and security of stored data. This also provides an alternative to traditional storage services, which are often more expensive and less flexible.
  3. Storage Marketplace: Similar to how Airbnb works in the hospitality sector, hello.app establishes a marketplace for data storage, connecting those who have available storage space with those who need it. This creates a collaborative and flexible ecosystem that offers benefits to both device owners and users who require additional storage.

We believe that an SME should consider using hello.app services for different reasons:

  1. Savings on storage costs– hello.app provides a more affordable alternative to traditional cloud storage services. By directly connecting SMBs with users who have available storage space on their devices, the platform reduces the need for centralized servers, allowing SMBs to save on costs.
  2. Scalability– hello.app's decentralized network offers a flexible solution that allows SMBs to scale their storage needs as they grow. This avoids the need for significant upfront investments in storage infrastructure, allowing for more efficient growth.
  3. Security and resilience– hello.app's blockchain-based infrastructure provides an additional level of security and integrity for stored data. Additionally, decentralization reduces vulnerability to single-point failure, making storage more resilient and reliable for SMBs.
  4. Easy to use: hello.app offers an intuitive platform that makes storage management easy for SMBs. This allows businesses to focus on their core business, while confident that their data is secure and accessible on the hello.app network.

hello.app protects itself and its customers from cyberattacks through a series of security measures:

  1. Blockchain Technology: By using blockchain technology, hello.app ensures the integrity of data stored on its network. Decentralized transactions and storage are tamper-resistant, and the nature of blockchain prevents the possibility of tampering or unauthorized access.
  2. Data encryption: Data stored in hello.app is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that only authorized owners have access to it. This encryption protects the confidentiality and security of data, even if it falls into the wrong hands.
  3. Decentralized network– Decentralized infrastructure reduces vulnerability to denial of service (DDoS) attacks and single point failures. This increases network resilience and ensures constant data availability.
  4. Security audits: hello.app performs regular security audits to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities. These audits help ensure the continued robustness of the platform against new cyber attack threats.
  5. Two-factor authentication– To secure access to user accounts, hello.app implements two-factor authentication, providing an additional layer of security by requiring a second form of authentication in addition to the password.

These measures, combined, offer strong protection for both hello.app and its clients, maintaining the integrity, security and availability of data stored on the platform.

hello.app allows its customers to regain control and ownership of their data through several mechanisms:

The blockchain technology we use ensures that transactions and data storage are transparent and verifiable. This allows customers to track the location and usage of their data at all times, giving them greater control over their information.

The data stored on our platform is end-to-end encrypted. This means that only authorized owners can access them, ensuring that the information remains private and under the customer's control.

We also provide users with intuitive tools to access and manage their data stored on the platform. This includes the ability to easily move, delete or share your data, giving you direct control over its storage.

Our decentralized infrastructure reduces dependence on centralized servers and the possible restrictions imposed by them. Customers can choose who they trust to store their data, allowing for greater flexibility and ownership over their information.

Finally, I would highlight the transparency of the platform itself: hello.app offers a transparent platform where customers can see how their data is managed, who has access to it and how it is used. This contributes to greater trust in the platform and allows customers to feel in control of their information.

Together, these mechanisms allow hello.app customers to regain control and ownership over their data, giving them the assurance that their information is under their control and protected from unauthorized access.

hello.app acts as an intermediary in data storage, but does not have direct access to or control of user information. Data is stored on a decentralized network and end-to-end encrypted, ensuring only authorized owners have access. This preserves the privacy and ownership of customer data, and hello.app cannot intervene or manipulate stored information.

hello.app makes money through a business model based on commissions and additional services:

Although basic storage is free for users, hello.app charges a fee on space rental transactions between users. This means that every time someone rents storage space from another, hello.app gets a cut of that transaction.

We also offer optional premium services, such as priority storage, increased storage capacity or advanced security features. Users can choose to pay for these features, generating additional revenue for the company.

Lastly, by creating a decentralized storage marketplace, hello.app facilitates transactions that generate revenue for the platform, thus ensuring the company's profitability while providing basic free services to its users.

hello.app ensures data security on personal devices by:

  1. Encryption– Data is end-to-end encrypted, protecting information from unauthorized access.
  2. Blockchain– Blockchain technology guarantees the integrity and immutability of data.
  3. Segmentation– Data is divided into segments distributed across multiple devices, reducing the risk of loss or compromise.
  4. Audits– Our regular security audits ensure the continued robustness of the platform.

An average of 30,000, according to our latest calculations.

Yes, investing in the hello.app domain has contributed to an increase in users, we estimate that more than 100,000 users come directly or indirectly from reactions to the operation of the domain. For us it has been an investment, not an expense, in the end it is an asset that can be sold at any time. The domain facilitates brand visibility and recognition, which attracts more people to the platform. Furthermore, its simplicity and clarity reinforce public trust, encouraging new users to join and try the service.

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