There session bursátil from east 1 by December 2023 It is sold with an alza del 0.82% at 10,140.80 points, at its highest level from May of 2018. A 2% weekly subsidy that returns to the bag as inversion after one of our years marks more for the discretion than for the burbujas. During a November maximum and 11.5% increase, the last of my years was based on optimism and was subject to more uncertainties than certain ones. The traditional tradition, because it is supposed to be recurring that December is a good day for the bag, is started by adelantado in November and because the final day of the year promises emotion. This is the only one with four values, less than 1%, which leads to the green list of IAG (2.87%). Banks will influence the general index.

In light of monetary policies, the growing influence of artificial intelligence in the markets and the poor quality of the market, investors must decide to take stock and strategy for the beginning of the year.

Monetary policies

The consent of the analysts to finalize the stage of submissions of interested parties in the EU and Europe. However, this is the case if the noises occur in the first half of 2024 or more. The evolution of contributions may be influenced by you.

By Paolo Zanghieri, senior economist at Generali Investments, “the Fed has terminated with the submission of tips. The long-lasting nature of communication remains as the object of calling for the hope of a rapid return to the end of the dinner. We hope for the first recorte of tips “Before the June meeting, there is a growing demand that the Fed will be forced to retract revenues well into the second half of 2024.”

The influence of artificial intelligence

The technological sophistication has been around for many years with the ability to predict bursatile tendencies. Artificial intelligence, understood as computer herramientas that by its miscalculation of predictive models, has this time that it is placed in the bag and caused a large number of bursátile crashes in the pasado al automatizar se órdenes de venta en determinadas circunstancias. Crece el temor en los mercados que la automatización de órdenes de compraventa pueda agudizar las tendencias, como sucede en los mercados de futuros, en materias primas like the petroleum otros. This is the topic of discussion that you are interested in.

Altitude sickness or new symptoms

If the maximum yields in November are only one step for new conditions or the right moment for replanting strategies, they are the crucial element in every moment. As in the future positions, the inverter must be assumed to be the ones that operate or are the optimists. No hay consent is sufficient, but I hope that the length of my positions is stated. The apuesta bajista may also have added benefits, especially against their values ​​which are revalued with respect to equivalent competitors.


In view of divisions, an important element for international businesses, the current situation has more to do with the debilitation of the euro than has been strengthened with respect to the dollar. For Fintech Ebury, if the BCE decides to recruit your interested parties promptly, one of the consequences will be the debilitation of the euro in international markets.


The OPEC+ announcement to reduce production to slow down oil prices is an element to be taken into account. Arabia Saudia and Russia, back of the major world oil producers, are the main drivers of the Mediterranean, which contribute to the debilitating world economy (especially China) and pressures to drive the electrification of the automobile park. The producer countries now that their sales are gradually reduced.


Regardless of the precedent, the evolution of bitcoin last year cannot be avoided. Las cryptomonedas, basically bitcoin, parecen salir del criptoinvierno con expectativas de seguir alza. In the speculative imagination there is the possibility that bitcoin will revalue up to 40,000 dollars. The accumulated payment is of the order of 130% in 11 months, whereby it is already ridiculous for any bursary revaluation. But the price paid for so much revaluation is a loss of lost economic value. The expectations that United States legalize the first funds negotiated in bitcoin bolsa al contado are the clave of an unexpected subida immune to escándalos and censurable financial practices. The CNMV closely monitors the owners of property and property companies who have the mismo with the investors who are investing in their capitals. Más control para un un mercado todavía en definition. Bloomberg Intelligence hopes that a batch of Bitcoin ETFs in the EU will obtain approval from the Energy Commission. As it turns out, the object of the 40,000 and more could be logged.

*This is a comment on the evolution of the bag at the bottom of the table which claims to combine the data from the balance of the session with the opinions of those writing and other analysts. The variable income influences multiple factors that configure what experts define as a predictable trend, continuously changing and being analyzed holistically, globally, critically and multidisciplinarily. But we don't have any opinions.

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