La pelota is the national deporte, el dominó es la juego de mesa por excelencia entre los vecinos del barrio y ¿la bolita?… bueno… una forma de probar suerte inevitable del cubano. There charada cubana is a popular tradition y, as tal, ha calado en el día a día de este pueblo, donde el gusto por las apuestas corre por las venas.

There bolita cubana es tan mestiza like Cuba mismaa lottery that combines Chinese heritage and island culture, that maintains illusions and superstitions and that, even if it is prohibited, is a commonplace in any Cuban barrio from the coast of San Antonio to the point of Maisí.

In every situation of our daily life, revelations of the truths and the facts of the azar el cubano we can encounter a “mistic” relationship with the famous numbers of the charada. ¿Un day suñas con un number? Pues te adventures a jugarlo. ¿Ves a monja? It is more likely that it was the death of 5. Did you enter another person who fell into error? Entonces, comes to the mind to play number 8. There, millions of Cubans trust in their daily life.

To consider a part of the history of the most popular prohibited game in the country, how it is played and the significance of the 100 numbers that conform to the Cuban game is dedicated to this article.

History of the Cuban bolita

The Cuban bag has its origins in the Chinese charade, and also called Rifa Chiffá. The game was introduced to the island with the oils migrating from China to Cuba in the XIX century. La charada china solo tenía 36 números. Each number corresponds to a figure (person, animal or object) represented by the distinct parts of the body of a male chino drawn in an impression.

A principle of siglo XX, and product of its ingenio tan nuestro that has no limits, the Chinese charada is assimilated to the National Lottery and is expanded to 100 numbers incorporating new cultural symbols. Nace, de esta forma, la charada cubana.

In the pre-revolutionary years the games of azar, the games and the casinos in the island were very common. So much so that, of course, it was decided that La Habana would be “Las Vegas of Latin America”. With the triumph of the Revolution, games and attacks are not considered illegal. From here, in chapter 13 of the Cuban Penal Code, in article 219, referring to prohibited games, it says that:

“The banker, collector, sponsor or promoter of illicit games is sanctioned with deprivation of freedom from one to three years or many from three years to a thousand years.”

But the “bad” is where it is and the game is the bolita había came with its roots in popular culture of Cubans. When you enter into the new taste, you should add a Cuban peso to one of our numbers and the result will be that the juice will be unstoppable.

As it was considered extremely illegal at this time, the single bag was taken clandestinely in some places classified as “marginal”. During the years 90, with the legend of the Special Period, the cubanos tenían que buscar un golpe de suerte entre tanta penuria. Ello llevó a que este maintenance, aun siendo illegítimo, se expandiera paulatinamente por los demás barrios de la geografía Cubana.

After prohibiting the Lotería Nacional, in the clandestinity of the numbers winning players are those who are involved in the lottery of Táchira y Zulia, in Venezuela. From 2000 onwards, it was necessary to govern Ca$h3 and Play4, Miami lotteries, every day. With the connection of “parabolic antenna” connections, the internet and, including, mobile applications, the results of the connection are not detected and do not pass from box to box daily.

How to enjoy juice in Cuba


In any case, when explaining the Cuban charada, the main part of it is that it deals with a game of azar in which it draws various numbers that win or do not enter the lottery. However, as the journey and dream cycle envelops the charada in Cuba, we all know how it plays out in the style of the island.

In the Cuban bag there are three key figures: the bank, the “cabeza de banco” and the apuntador. The role of the banker assumes a person who has a lot of money and who is queda con la principal parte de las ganancias. This identity is indeed a misterio, precisely because of an illicit activity. The head of the bank, also called mensajero, is the person responsible for reuniting the jugada of all barrio and llevársela to the banker.

The apuntador o listero is who receives the numbers of the players to get the head of the bench and also who leaves the first ones. In a barrio you can live apuntadores varios y cada one has its owner modus operandi. It is the apuntador that pulls from the barrio with its book that accepts the food and the numbers that every day it will be posted. But then he is the apuntador who operates at his home, he llegan los vecinos dos veces al día para probar fortuna.

This is an internal organization and organization that moves into clandestinity and that the clock functions as follows, and therefore the result of taking precautions when prohibited is encountered at the most unusual times.

In the charada cubana solo se premiere tres números, uno fijo y dos corridos. The coin is the most important, it is the first number of hundreds and its steel costs 75 Cuban pesos for every peso jugado. For example, if you pay 2 pesos to a number and sell it, you get 150 pesos.

Therefore, the numbers of the corridors are ones that are sold in the second place or where they are located. Se paga 25 veces la cantidad de dinero que se puso en la jugada. To decide, if you pay 10 pesos to a number and sell the corridor, you get 250 Cuban pesos.

There are also more games: the “spoken” and the “cancado”. The “spoken” consists of confirming a combination of numbers and ranging between 800 pesos or 1000 pesos per peso jugado. The “cancado” is when steel has the three ganadores numbers. In this case it costs 800 pesos for each of the three numbers plus the code that corresponds to each one.

Please note that the names of the Cuban charada may vary depending on where you are playing, the bank, etc.

Numbers of the Cuban charada and their meanings

  1. caballosol, tintero, camello, pescado chico, Fidel Castro.
  2. mariposaman, cafetera, caracol, Raúl Castro.
  3. marinero, luna, taza, ciempiés.
  4. cat, soldier, llave, vela, militar, pavo real, Santa Bárbara, diente.
  5. monja, Tuesday, cancado, periodical, fruits, vermilion, women buena.
  6. jicotea, carta, reverbero, botella, luna.
  7. prance, sueño, fecal heces, medias, caballero, cochino.
  8. dead, león, calabaza, mesa, tiger.
  9. elephant, entirero, lira, cubo, esqueleto, buey.
  10. big fishpaseo, malla, cazuela, dinero, lancha.
  11. gallolluvia, fosforo, fosforera, taller, fábrica, caballo.
  12. woman mala, puta, viaje, toallas, cometa, dama, perro grande.
  13. pavo realchild, anafe, elefante, chulo, Santa Lucía.
  14. cat tiger, marriage, arrest, sartén, cementerio.
  15. perrovisited, cuchara, gallo, ratón.
  16. toroplancha, vestido, incendio, funerales, avispa.
  17. lunaSan Lázaro, women buena, hule, camisón, arms, fumar opio.
  18. chiquito fishiglesia, sirena, palma, gato amarillo.
  19. vermbrizcampesino, tropa, mesa grande, armadura, jutia.
  20. gato finobox, shirt, original, tibor, book, woman.
  21. majábolsillo watch, chaleco, cotorra, cigarro, gallo.
  22. sapoestrella, lirio, chimenea, sol, jicotea.
  23. vaporsubmarine, scalera, barco, águila.
  24. palomamusic, carpintero, kitchen.
  25. piedra fina, casa, sol, rana.
  26. anguilacalle, medico, brilliant, nube de oro.
  27. avispacampana, cuchara grande, canario, baúl, mono.
  28. chivobandera, politico, uvas, perro chico.
  29. ratónnube, venado.
  30. camarónarcoiris, almanaque, buey, cangrejo.
  31. venadoschools, shoes, shoes.
  32. cochinoenemigo, mulo, demonio.
  33. tinosabaraja, santa, Jesucristo, bofetón.
  34. monofamilia, negro, capataz.
  35. arañanovia, bombillos, mosquito, mariposa.
  36. cachimbateatro, bodega, opio, coloso.
  37. gallina prietagitana, hormiga, carretera.
  38. dinner, carro, goleta, guantes, barrel.
  39. conejoculebra, rayo, baile, tintorero.
  40. curasangre, bombero, cantina, estatua.
  41. lagartijaprisión, pato chico, jubo, capuchino.
  42. patocountry lejano, carnero, abismo, liga.
  43. alacránfriend, vaca, door, presidiario, jorobado.
  44. year of the leather, infierno, año malo, temporal, tormenta.
  45. tiburónpresidente, traje, tranvía, escuela, estrella.
  46. guaguahumo, hambre, hurón, baile, chino.
  47. pájaromala noticia, mucha sangre, escolta, gallo, rosa.
  48. cucarachaabanico, barbería, cubo.
  49. borrachoriqueza, figurín, percha, tesoro, fantasma.
  50. policealegría, florero, alcalde, pícaro, árbol.
  51. soldier, sed, gold, sereno, anteojos, presillas.
  52. bike, check, borracho, abogado, riña, libreta.
  53. electric light, prita, tragedia, diamonde, beso, alguacil.
  54. floragallina, blanca, sueño, timbre, cannon, roses.
  55. cangrejo, baile, iglesia grande, los isleños, caerse, sellos.
  56. queen, escorpión, pato grande, merengue, piedra, cara.
  57. it made me, Angeles, telegrama, door.
  58. adulterio, retrato, cuchillo, cangrejo, ferretero, batea.
  59. locomotive, fonógrafo, langosta, anillo, araña grande.
  60. dark ground, payaso, comico, tempestad, avecillas.
  61. canonazo, piedra grande, revolver, boticario, pintor, bag.
  62. marriage, snow, lamp, vision, academy, carretilla.
  63. asesino, cuernos, espada, bandidos, caracol, escalera.
  64. great deathrifle shot, maromero, relax, fiera.
  65. carcel, comida, bruja, ventana, trueno.
  66. divorcetarros, mask, star, mudada, carnival.
  67. puñaladawatch, autoridad, base, aborto, zapato.
  68. cementerio grandeglobo, cuchillo grande, templo, bolos, dinero.
  69. pozofiera, loma, vagos, polvorín.
  70. telephonecoco, tiro, barrel, arco iris, bala.
  71. riversombrero, perro mediano, pantera, rifle.
  72. railwaybuey viejo, serrucho, collar, cetro, relámpago.
  73. parknavaja, manzanas, maleta, ajedrez, cigarrillo.
  74. papalotecoronel, serpent, cólera, tarima.
  75. cinemacorbata, venezo, guitarra, flores, quiosco.
  76. bailarinahumor in cantidad, box of hierro, violin.
  77. banderaswar, school, banknotes, ánfora.
  78. obispotiger, sarcófago, king, apetito, lunares.
  79. check marklagarto, abogado, tren de cargo o de viajeros, dulces.
  80. medicalgood news, luna llena, paraguas, barba, trompo.
  81. theaterbarco, large ship, engineer, leather, actriz.
  82. motherleón, batea, pleito, star, muelle.
  83. tragedyprocession, limosnero, bastón, madera.
  84. ciegosastre, bohío, banquero, cofre, marchea atrás.
  85. watchMadrid, águila, espejo, guano.
  86. conventionmarino, ardilla, tijera, desnudar, palma.
  87. New Yorkbaúl, paloma, fuego, plátanos.
  88. espejuelosgusano, vaso, hojas, aduanero.
  89. lotteryagua, mona vieja, cometa, melon, tesorero.
  90. viejoespejo grande, caramelo, temporal, asesino.
  91. tranviapájaro negro, limosnero, alpargatas, bolsas, bolshevik.
  92. globo muy altosuicide, cuba, anarchist, gato, león grande.
  93. revolutionoutput of valor, general, andarín, joys, libertad.
  94. machetemariposa grande, leontina perfume, Habana, flores.
  95. warperro grande, alacrán grande, espada, matanzas, revolution.
  96. desafíonewspaper, picaro, new shoes, rock, women's Santa.
  97. large mosquitomono grande, sinsonte, grillo grande, limosnero.
  98. pianoentire large, traición, visita regia, fonógrafo.
  99. serruchogallo grande, temporal muy grande, carbonero, lluvia
  100. inodoroDios, escoba, automovil

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Final words

And so, it conforms to this scene of the story of the Cuban charada: between books with tablas and numbers, boxes, apuntadores and a public variety with the great hope that it was the day of its death.

¿Has jugado alguna vez?, ¿cuál ha sido tu número de la suerte?

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