How can i add an indicator to my tradingview chart?

Lois Borer asked a question: How can i add an indicator to my tradingview chart?
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  • At the bottom right of your TradingView chart, click the Add to Favorite Scripts icon 3.) After you have clicked the Add To Favorite Scripts icon, click the tab that says CHARTS 4.) At the top of your chart you will see an arrow like this, click the arrow and use the dropdown menu to choose which indicator you wish to load into your charts.

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TradingView Education: How to add an indicator to an indicator Got asked how to add a Moving Average to another indicator so thought I'd make a video for the fun of it. @H101,yes.See this example of volume and macd

Add an indicator to TradingView * In this tutorial we will use the OCC Indicator, but you can use any other indicator from TradingView. * Open and click on “Chart”: * Look for a coin of your choice, e.g

How to add an invite-only script to your chart This is very easy to do 1. Click on Indicators from the header menu

We can also right-click an indicator plot and choose ‘Apply Indicator on …'. These two approaches will add a new indicator to the chart, though. If the indicators are already on the chart, we use the third approach: configure …

1) Use the forward slash "/" hot key to add indicators; 2) Right-click anywhere on the chart and choose Add Plot from the drop down menu. 2. Select the technical indicator you would like to add from the list or type it into the search field. You can plot Fundamental indicators or additional equity symbols in the same way.

To open the list of indicators that are marked as Favorites, click on the Indicators button on the chart page and select Favorites. After that, simply click on the chosen indicator and it will be added to the chart: You can add Open and Protected indicators with no restrictions.

After changing the text, hit ctrl + S to save the indicator. You will be prompted to name the indicator again, this is the name that will show above all else, the first will show only in the chart...

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