How do i sue my student loan company?

Matilda Leannon asked a question: How do i sue my student loan company?
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If your complaint is about a collection agency for federal student loans, you can file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education's Default Resolution Group at 1-800-621-3115, who will direct you to the Special Assistance Unit for resolution of the problem.


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💰 Can i sue my student loan company?

Can a Person Be Sued for Not Paying Student Loans? In a word, yes — especially if you have a private student loan. Whether your student loan is federal or private, the best way to avoid being sued is to keep up with your monthly payments.

💰 Can a private student loan company sue you?

  • If you've defaulted on a private student loan, the lender might also file a suit to collect from you. In fact, lawsuits are the primary collection method that private lenders use to collect student loans.

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Can a company that owns a student loan help you?
  • More often than not, the original lender owns the loan and will help you manage the loan. However, there is still a chance that another company now owns the loan. In that case, the original lender can provide you with the new loan servicer’s contact information.
What company administers student loans?

The Student Loans Company administers student finance on behalf of the Government and devolved administrations across the UK.

Can a company help you get out of student loan debt?
  • For employers, helping their employees get out of student loan debt just makes sense. And according to a recent survey from Student Loan Hero, 45% of employees would rather have a student loan repayment assistance program over a 401k.
How do i speak to someone at my student loan company?

Phone number: 0300 100 0601.

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What to do if you have been scammed by a student loan company?
  • Many scammers will take your fee and then disappear. Save yourself the headache and money, and do it yourself. Remember, you can consolidate your student loans or apply for an income-driven repayment plan for free at . Just remember, if you're not careful, consolidating your student loans could be a problem down the road.
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