How student loans can ruin your life?

Ignatius Grady asked a question: How student loans can ruin your life?
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Student loan debt affects more than your financial independence and your standard of living. It also determines which dreams you're able to pursue and which ones will become a distant memory. You may find yourself sacrificing a job that offers you more fulfillment and purpose for a career with a higher salary.

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It can also seize your entire income tax refund. These kinds of interventions can only happen after you've defaulted on your loans — which means you're between 270 and 330 days late on payments ...

Student Loans Are Ruining Your Life. Now They’re Ruining the Economy, Too Students walk on the Purdue Mall on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, Oct. 22, 2012. Daniel ...

It's stressful, to say the least, and can easily develop into a state of constant anxiety. And right now, I can't afford my student loans, so that anxiety has escalated to the next level. I ...

There’s a steeper cost to your student loans than simple debt. Anxiety, like a ball of lead sitting in your stomach, has been growing inside you over the past ten years. The longer you go without making real progress paying off your college debt, the worse it gets.

Yes, the same way that the death of your cocker spaniel can ruin your life, or: * losing 10 grand in a weekend spree in Las Vegas * Seeing your girlfriend on “Cheaters” * Finding out that The Beatles broke up * Finding out that Donald

How Student Loans Can Ruin Your Life Decades After You Graduate Dec 21, 2015 Time – Martha C. White “Conventional wisdom holds that borrowing for higher education is a debt that’s worth the investment, since people with * ...

Worse, student loans -- unlike almost any other kind of debt -- cannot be discharged in bankruptcy and, in part because of that, you generally can't negotiate a "pennies on the dollar" settlement the way that you often can if you

How Student Loans Can Ruin Your Future The biggest purchase you will ever make in your life is a new house. But 99% of us won’t be able to afford it so we’ll need to get a home loan instead.

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