PayPal allows you to make a claim if you have been scammed in any way through the platform

How to complain to PayPal if you have been scammed with an online purchase
If you have been scammed through PayPal, this is how you can make an official claim on the platform

It is no secret that PayPal has become one of the main financial tools for making online payments and money transfers. It has many tricks and functions that you should know to have a better experience. Furthermore, also offers many guarantees and support to users in case of problems related to scams, for example.

Although PayPal, like other companies, have a great structure to protect customers, no system is completely infallible. Therefore, it is always possible to run the risk of being scammed when making an online purchase, especially on not so well-known platforms. And if this has happened to you, we will tell you how to make the corresponding claim.

Steps to report that the product has not arrived in good condition

If the product you have received is not in good condition, you must report this situation to the platform

If the product you have received is not in good condition, you must report this situation to the platform

One of the most common problems when buying products from online stores that are not so well known, it not only has to do with not receiving anything and losing money, but also having the item sent to you, but it does not arrive in good condition. In this situation, PayPal offers a section where you can make a claim for this event.

To do this, you must access the list of payments you have made on PayPal and identify the corresponding to the purchase of the product that has not arrived safely. Then, you break down the information and you will see a section that says Report a problem. You click on this option.

Now, it will take you to an interface where you can start a Article dispute, this is in the situation that the product has not arrived in good condition. Here you will have to specify to the platform if you have not received the product or, instead, you have received something different from what was agreed upon.

Because you have received the product in bad condition, you will have to complete a longer form, where you will have to explain if it has internal or external damage, if your package is missing elements or if it looks different from what was described before making the purchase. But that's not all, because it is also possible that the item does not work or you have had to pay taxes that were not mentioned. You must point out all this.

So, you must Enter the link to the product you have purchased and mark its category. And you will have a field of up to 2,000 characters where you must explain what happened, at least your version. PayPal also allows, in case everything can be solved if they give you a refund, enter the exact amount of money you want to receive, but be realistic.

After all this, PayPal will become a mediating agent between you and the seller to reach an agreement. They may also ask you for photos of the product and its condition. If you want to have a better chance of recovering your money, you must enter all the information requested.

How to report an unauthorized payment to your PayPal account

If an unauthorized payment has been made from your PayPal account, you must report it to get your money back

If an unauthorized payment has been made from your PayPal account, you must report it to get your money back

Another of the most common scam methods that can be used on PayPal has to do with payments that you have not made. This can occur when you authorize payment to reserve a product, such as a video game, but the store charges a higher amount than you thought, or charges twice. That is why it is also important to know how to cancel a PayPal subscription.

Evidently, It may also happen that someone has entered your PayPal account and have made payments with it. Fortunately, there are some things you can do in these situations, besides changing your password.

If you want to report an unauthorized payment, then you must access your account and click on the section Activity. Next, you must search for the payment in question and break down its information. Now you click Report a problem. At this point, the platform is able to detect whether it is a payment or an ordinary transfer, so it will offer you different options.

You must look for the option I want to report unauthorized activity and then in Report as unauthorized. After this, PayPal will be in charge of investigating the situationanalyze the IP data, geolocation and other elements that allow you to understand that it is a payment that has been made differently than you usually do.

You must report this situation within 60 days that the unauthorized payment has been made and they will be able to refund your money. But, generally speaking, you have 13 months to do this process, but the longer you wait, the less likely you are to get a favorable result.

Steps to start a dispute on PayPal because you have been scammed in a purchase

If you have paid for the product, but have not received anything, you must also report this scam to get your money back.

If you have paid for the product, but have not received anything, you must also report this scam to get your money back.

PayPal knows that buyers, or people sending money, They are the most likely to be scammed. Therefore, it offers many features to protect these transactions and guarantee money back if needed.

It's important pointing that There are products that are not covered for return, such as vehicles, real estate, gift or prepaid cards, and handmade items. It also does not protect against in-person purchases or payments to family members.

If you have been scammed with products that They have nothing to do with those we mentioned above., then you must initiate a dispute no later than 180 days after this transaction occurred. After this, PayPal will contact you and the buyer, acting as an intermediary, so that you can reach an agreement, since they are not always planned scams, but rather errors due to misunderstandings.

To start a dispute, you must find the transaction of this operation and click on Report a problem. Now you must choose the time of problem that you are experiencing, such as you have not received the product.

So, A messaging center will be created for you and the seller can get in touch. Here you must explain the entire situation and the reason why you have started this dispute. Afterwards, the seller will have a few days to defend himself against this accusation. And if he doesn't do it or doesn't respond, you can turn the dispute into an official claim within 20 days.

If you do, PayPal will enter into dispute, so you must enter all the information they request to fill out the form. The seller or recipient of the money must do the same. Then, the platform will request evidence and a lot of data to analyze and make a decision on who of the two is right. PayPal generally protects the person sending the money, so if you do everything they ask of you, you have a better chance of getting a good outcome.

If you have been scammed and have paid with PayPal, don't worry, because the platform is responsible for protecting people in transactions. You just have to make the claim within the relevant time and enter all the information and images that PayPal may request, as this way you could recover your money without so much problem.

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