Is bitcoin taxable in india?

Shanon O'Keefe asked a question: Is bitcoin taxable in india?
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Even though cryptocurrencies are not mentioned in the Indian income tax act and there are no rules defined yet, you must report them in your income tax return and pay tax on them.

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Tax on Bitcoin in India With the ‘rags to riches’ stories circulating around cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoins, the Centre is seriously contemplating bringing the investors under the tax regime.

Tax on Bitcoin in India. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has previously announced that people who made money out of bitcoin must submit and pay the relevant tax. The board is ready to send legal notices to those who decline to comply with the laws. The government remains inclined towards making bitcoin totally illegal and is awaiting ...

Bitcoins, as of now, have not been given the status of legal tender in India by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Hence, there are no clear rules defining taxability when it comes to bitcoins, which calls for specific clarification from the Income Tax (I-T) department.

In either case the tax will not be on bitcoin, but on its rupee equivalent in India. In India, taxation is supervised under the Income Tax Act, 1981 which takes into account the worldwide income of the residents of India.

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Bitcoin’s price action has been fluctuating throughout the past few days and weeks, with bulls and bears both reaching a clear impasse, the aggregated cryptocurrency market has been following in Btcoin’s lead and is struggling to garner any decisive momentum.

The concept of bitcoins being quite new to the Indian market, apparently the government has not yet brought taxability of bitcoins into the statute books. At the same time, the levy of tax on bitcoins cannot be ruled out because the Indian income tax laws have always sought to tax income received irrespective of the form in which it is received.

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