Is conventional loan best?

Barbara Tremblay asked a question: Is conventional loan best?
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What are the advantages of conventional loan?

  • One of the greatest advantages of a conventional loan is that there is no private mortgage insurance with a 20% down payment on a home purchase. Or 80% loan to value on a refinance mortgage.

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Fha vs conventional loan- which is best?

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Conventional loans are not only common. They’re also popular with both first-time and experienced home buyers. These mortgage loans are especially attractive due to their interest rates typically being set lower than government loans (i.e. FHA, VA, USDA) or non-conforming loans (i.e. jumbo).

But FHA mortgage insurance is always required. Conventional loans are often better if you have great credit, or plan to stay in the house a long time. With credit in the mid- to high-600s, you can...

The biggest drawback of a conventional loan? The stricter eligibility requirements. Conventional loans generally have more stringent buyer qualifications than government loans, due to lending requirements. If you don’t have the financial background to qualify for a conventional loan, FHA and other government-backed options could be a great alternative that can make homeownership accessible for you.

Conventional loans are fantastic if you're well qualified as a buyer. It can give you a great savings compared to other loans that carry heavy mortgage insurance like FHA and if you're putting 20% down on a conventional loan you're never going to have any mortgage insurance which is just extra savings for you and they really are fantastic.

In the first quarter of 2018, conventional loans were used for 74% of all new home sales, making them the most popular home financing option—by a long shot. (1) Though conventional loans offer buyers more flexibility, they’re also riskier because they’re not insured by the federal government.

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Fha vs conventional loan