Is it better to say you support yourself tax question?

Isadore Simonis asked a question: Is it better to say you support yourself tax question?
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The first question is usually academic. With the tax law change, effective 2018, most students will get the same refund whether they claim themselves or not… The statement, at the other reply, "If you used unearned income or student loans to pay for most of your expenses, you did not support yourself" is incorrect.


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Charlie the Chatbot is available online to answer general tax filing questions. You can get general information from our: Get Ready to do your taxes and Doing Your Taxes web pages ; Tax Information Phone Service (TIPS): 1-800-267-6999; Telerefund service: 1-800-959-1956; Individual tax enquiries line: 1-800-959-8281

If a parent or someone else paid for more than half of your living expenses, you did not support yourself. If you used unearned income or student loans to pay for most of your expenses, you did not support yourself. If you're in the military, your housing allowance counts as your income. If you paid for most of your living expenses with your income ...

Taxes: Not sure the answer to the question "Did you support yourself in 2017?" Taxes "Supporting yourself means paying for more than half of your living expenses with earned income."

Supporting yourself means paying for more than half of your living expenses with earned income. if i say yes what does that mean? what if i say no does it change anything. If you say yes, then you will take the $4,000 personal exemption for yourself. This reduces your taxable income by $4,000, thus lowering your taxes.

Making a nice, easily scannable list will help customers provide everything you need. Use lots of white space and bullet points to make it super clear what you’re asking for. What to say: “Hi Ben, I’d love to help you out with this! That definitely shouldn’t be happening, and it isn’t something I’ve heard of before!

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