Jobs you can get with an associate's in accounting?

Annalise Ratke asked a question: Jobs you can get with an associate's in accounting?
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5 Accounting Careers with an Associate of Science in Accounting Degree

  • Bookkeeping Clerk. The practice of bookkeeping refers to keeping track of financial accounts…
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk. If you’re working in accounts receivable, your job is to make sure that your client (or direct employer) receives payment for their goods and services, and ...
  • Accounting Assistant…
  • Payroll Clerk…
  • Auditing Clerk…

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An associate degree in accounting can prepare you for many career opportunities. You can be a bookkeeper, clerk or accounting assistant under a certified public accountant's (CPA) supervision. You can work in accounting firms, stores, non-profit organizations and small businesses. An associate degree in accounting takes an average of two years to complete, which is about two years shorter than a bachelor's program. Undergoing an accounting associate program means you can join the workforce ...

12,501 Associate Degree Accounting jobs available on Apply to Accounting Clerk, Staff Accountant, Senior Accounts Payable Clerk and more!

Below, we explore some of the job titles you can likely pursue after you’ve earned your associate degree, as well as ways you can advance in your career. Jobs with an Associate Degree in Accounting 1. Payroll Clerk. Average Annual Salary: $39,321 per year. As the title implies, payroll clerks maintain a company’s payroll.

A two-year degree in accounting from a community college or a junior college can prepare you for junior roles in the field of office and administrative support. You will most likely need more education if you want to work as a full-fledged accountant, but you can quickly get started in a career such as bookkeeper, accounting clerk or auditing clerk.

Also, in addition to your associate’s degree in accounting, you will also do well to obtain a certificate as an accounting assistant. Like an administrative assistant, as an accounting assistant you will be responsible for answering phones, scheduling appointments, composing mailings and much more. Accounts Payable Clerk

An auditing clerk with an Associate of Science in Accounting can expect to earn a decent income right from the start. They ensure that forms related to accounts payable and receivable are filled out properly, they double-check discrepancies, and they ensure that credit and debit transactions are processed appropriately.

To apply for a position as a Billing Clerk, you'll have the most job market success with at least an associate's degree in accounting, but many community colleges offer certificate programs with a specialization in accounts receivable/billing. Median Salary: $35,910 Education Level: Associate's. 40. Bookkeeping Clerk

An associate's degree in accounting typically prepares students for entry-level accounting and business careers. Some specific job titles for those with their associate's in accounting may include: Accounting clerk Bookkeeping clerk Financial clerk Auditing clerk Teller Bill and account collector Payroll administrator Accounting assistant

Learners who earn an Associate’s in Accounting have a wide-ranging understanding of the principles and practices of the accounting job. These learners’ understanding usually includes specific job duties like bookkeeping, auditing, billing, and payroll responsibilities, as well as general job responsibilities such as business management and office communications.

Additional positions you can think about pursuing with an associate's in accounting include: Management Trainee; Billing Clerk; Fiscal Technician; Administrative Assistant; Although these are entry-level jobs, many, if not all of them, offer plenty of room to grow.

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