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The world's currencies reflect economic and financial diversity on an international scale. Before trading on currencies, it is important to know the names of exchange rates and therefore the names of world and foreign currencies. Forex quotes are the currency prices that can be found on trading platforms. You can find EUR for the Euro, the single currency of the Euro zone, USD, for the American dollar, or even CHF, for the Swiss Franc.

The names of foreign currencies are classified according to an international standard called ISO. Here are all the world currencies and their acronyms. The ISO code that is in place today is code 4217. For ease of searching, we have indicated the alphabetical and numerical codes. Discover without further delay the world currencies and their symbols.

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List of world currencies

Source: Iso.org, dated February 13, 2024

The 10 strongest currencies in the world

A strong currency is one that has a high value relative to another foreign currency. The stronger the currency, the higher the purchasing power compared to other currencies.

The strongest currency in the world is the Kuwaiti Dinar, the national currency of Kuwait, also called KWD.

This list was made on February 6, 2024.

  1. Kuwaiti Dinar (1€ = 0.33 Kuwaiti dinar)
  2. Bahraini Dinar (1€ = 0.40 Bahraini dinar)
  3. Omani Rial (1€ = 0.41 Omani rial)
  4. Jordanian Dinar (1€ = 0.76 Jordanian dinar)
  5. Gibraltar pound (1€ = 0.8559 Gibraltar pound)
  6. Pound Sterling (1€ = 0.8562 Pound Sterling)
  7. Cayman Islands Dollar (1€ = 0.90 Cayman Islands Dollar)
  8. Swiss Franc (1€ = 0.94 Swiss Franc)
  9. Euro
  10. US dollar (1€ = 1.07 US dollars)

The 10 weakest currencies in the world

While the list of the world's strongest currencies remains stable, the list of the world's weakest currencies can change quickly given the fragile economic situations in these countries.

This list was created on February 6, 2024.

  1. Iranian Rial (1 Iranian Rial = €0.0000222483)
  2. Vietnamese dong (1 Vietnamese dong = 0.00003818 €)
  3. Leone (1 leone = 0.0000414551 €)
  4. Laotian Kip (1 Laotian kip = 0.00004474 €)
  5. Indonesian rupiah (1 Indonesian rupiah = 0.0000590678 €)
  6. Uzbek Som (1 Uzbek Som = 0.0000747484 €)
  7. Zimbabwe dollar (1 Zimbabwe dollar = 0.0000872084 €)
  8. Guinean franc (1 Guinean franc = 0.000108384 €)
  9. Paraguayan Guarani (1 Paraguayan Guarani = €0.000127989)
  10. Colombian peso (1 Colombian peso = €0.000236028)

The 5 rarest currencies in the world

Some coins can be worth several million euros. They are sought after by collectors around the world. Here is the list of the 5 rarest coins in the world according to collectors.

  1. $20 Double Eagle
  2. Dollar Flowing Hair
  3. Duplicate Brasher USA
  4. $50 Half Union
  5. Umayyad Dinar

1. Double Eagle from 1933

This coin is the most expensive coin in the world due to its rarity since these coins were never put into circulation and therefore destroyed. Only a few copies have fraudulently resisted melting. This $20 coin was sold for $18.9 million in 2021, during a sale at Sotheby's in New York.

2. Dollar Flowing Hair

The “floating hair” dollar is a coin made of silver (90%) and copper (10%). It was one of the first dollars produced by the Philadelphia Mint. There are just over 100 coins left in circulation today. One of the 1794 coins believed to be the first dollar coin issued by the U.S. government was sold for $10 million in 2013.

3. Double Brasher

The Brasher Doubloon or Brasher Doubloon dates from 1787 and is very rare since there are 7 known examples in the world. In 2021, a copy was sold at auction for $9.36 million.

4. $50 Half Union

This coin is made of gold and its face value is $50. The value of each piece was estimated at $10 million until 2011. Currently its value is $15 million.

5. Umayyad Dinar.

It is the most expensive piece in the world acquired during a sale outside the United States. Indeed, due to its rarity and its age, this piece was sold for 3.7 million pounds sterling, or approximately 4.6 million US dollars. There are 12 copies in the world and bear the words “Mine of the Commander of the Faithful in Hijaz” referring to the current location in Saudi Arabia. This piece is dated 723 AD.

What are the most traded currencies in the world?

  • American dollar
  • Euro
  • Yen
  • Pound sterling
  • Chinese Renminbi

here is the top 5 of the most traded currencies in the world (source: Bank for International Settlements, April 2022, published every three years)

1. The American dollar

The US dollar, also called USD, is the most traded currency in the world with more than 6.6 billion dollars exchanged around the world per day.
Indeed, the US dollar is the currency of the United States, the world's leading power. International payments are also made mainly in dollars. Which explains the strength of this motto.
Also, different central and commercial banks have reserves of different currencies and precious metals. The US dollar is the currency most represented in bank reserves.

2. The euro

The euro, also called EUR, is the single currency of the European Union and is the second most traded currency in the world. Nearly 2.3 billion dollars per day are exchanged in euros.
It must be said that the European Union is the second largest economy in the world and is used by more than 343 million people, living in the 19 countries of the European Union.
The Euro represents nearly 40% of global payments and around 20% of foreign exchange reserves.

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3. The yen

The yen, also called JPY, is the currency of Japan. It is the third most traded currency in the world with more than 1.2 billion dollars per day.

The Yen is issued by the Bank of Japan which ensures the country's monetary policy.

4. The pound sterling

The pound sterling, also called GBP, is the currency used in the United Kingdom. It is the fourth most traded currency in the world with nearly $970 million per day.

5. The Chinese renminbi or yuan

The renminbi dethroned the Australian dollar in 2022 and is now among the top 5 most traded currencies in the world, with more than $500 million exchanged in renminbi per day.

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FAQ World Currencies

What is the most valuable currency in the world?

You might think it's the US dollar or the Swiss franc, but no, the most valuable currency in the world is the Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) of Kuwait. For one euro, you will have 0.33 Kuwaiti dinar. And for 1 Kuwaiti dinar, you will have around €3.

What is the least valuable currency in the world?

Currently, the least valuable currency in the world is the Iranian Rial (IRR) of Iraq. For one euro, you will have 44,960 IRR. For €23 you can be a millionaire in Iraq.

What is the currency in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, the currency is the Swiss franc (CHF), which is the 8th strongest currency in the world.

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