Loan broker vs direct lender: which is best?

Elouise Sipes asked a question: Loan broker vs direct lender: which is best?
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A mortgage broker brings borrowers and mortgage lenders together by acting as a middleman between the two. Direct lenders are financial institutions that approve and finance mortgage loans. Brokers can help if you want to want to shop around without the hassle of contacting multiple lenders on your own.

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Looking for a broker takes time, making it a lengthier process than going direct. A lot of small business loans can be processed in just a few days! It’s cheaper (no fees!)

Loan broker vs direct lender: which is best? If you’re thinking of taking out a personal loan, you may be wondering whether it’s worth using the services of a loan broker.

Rather, brokers maintain relationships with large networks of direct lenders, which they can tap to find the best funding option for any given business situation. Since brokers make money through fees from connecting businesses to lenders, it’s in their best interest to seek out the best options, with the highest overall loan amounts, at the lowest rates.

A direct lender uses their own money to fund mortgages. Direct lenders include banks, credit unions, and major lending companies like Quicken Loans. When working with a direct lender, the loan ...

This usually means a faster turnaround than with a broker who has little control over the processing of your loan and the disbursement of your funds. For instance, direct lenders are capable of beating the industry average closing time by 60 percent, thanks to digital advantages.

Read below to learn about how to determine the best fit. Direct Lenders. A direct lender is anyone that can offer a mortgage, including commercial banks that offer a slew of services and mortgage banks. If you choose to find a mortgage going through direct lenders instead of mortgage brokers, you have to apply individually to each lender.

Direct lenders. A direct lender has no middleman, no extra fees, no extra underwriting guidelines, and a direct lender will also service the loan.

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