We can pay in Amazon safely using our bank account, credit card, etc. The accepted methods are: credit card (Visa, Visa Electron 4B, Euro6000, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro Internacional) or we can pay with a Bank account that we can add to our profile by registering the IBAN and the BIC. There are also payments in installments with Cofidis and its Credit Line payment proposal, for example, and even Amazon offers you deferred payment in four months.


As we see, PayPal is not among the accepted payment methods. But there are others that are not a valid option when making purchases in the online giant: checks or postal orders, cash payments, promissory notes or cash on delivery payments are not accepted.

Advantages of paying with PayPal

The main advantage that PayPal offers us over other payment methods is the improvement in security Thanks to the fact that we do not give access to our bank card if we do not want to, nor to a bank account, but we can only use our balance to make all types of purchases. In addition, it stands out for a guarantee to the buyer that allows us to receive the return our money If the order is not as we have been promised: we receive our money if it is not in good condition, if we have not received it or if it is something different from what we have ordered. We can open a dispute and it will protect us and return our money in case there is a problem. Although don't forget that Amazon already has its own buyer protection policy.

It is a very interesting and widespread payment method both for making online purchases and for shipping to individuals or with the intention of organizing a pot if you want to pay for something jointly with friends. We can use it easily and on many different platforms or websites, but, as we will see in the next paragraphs, not on all of them. Additionally, if you have a PayPal balance you can use it for your purchases.

Pay with a PayPal gift card

The best option if we want to pay with PayPal on Amazon is buy a PayPal gift card and register it as a payment method. We can buy gift cards directly on Amazon, but of course we will not be able to pay for them with PayPal. The checks work the same regardless of the medium in which you buy them: they are physical or virtual cards that we fill in with an amount of between 20 or 1,000 euros and with a code that we can add to our profile to discount as we make purchases.

Amazon gift card

They are codes of 14 or 15 characters with letters and numbers that we add from My account > Choose “Your payments” > Scroll > Search for “Redeem a gift voucher”


What happen? That, as we have said, we cannot buy an Amazon gift card with PayPal directly from the online store. But there are many other websites that allow us to do it: enough buy an Amazon gift card on a site that allows us to pay with PayPal and later use this gift card to buy on Amazon. If we buy Amazon gift cards from a retailer that accepts PayPal and then load the value of the gift card into the Amazon account, it's like using it to shop on Amazon (only indirectly). Of course, always make sure it is a reliable website with good reviews.


There are specialized websites like MyGiftCardSUPPLY that allow us to choose the Amazon card, the amount and buy it. But we must always take into account that it is reliable and that it is compatible in Spain and that it allows us this payment method. For example, Recharge.com allows us to choose the country in which we want to use the Amazon gift voucher and allows us to choose the amount we want to recharge: ten euros, fifteen, twenty, forty… We choose the one that interests us, we pay and receive the code instantly through an email that we have chosen. You simply must fill in the details and choose PayPal as a payment method to be able to have the card. You repeat the process as many times as you want and use these cards from your account as balance for your purchases on Amazon.

Make your purchases with the PayPal card

It is an interesting method, but it is not available for all PayPal users in Spain, although it is worth taking it into account. Is PayPal Business Debit MasterCard. This card is like a normal debit card that allows us to make payments over the Internet but is associated with our account on the platform and will use the balance we have in addition to all the advantages that PayPal offers us if we use the service: complaints , sale protection… The problem is that not all of us can have it: only Business accounts allow you to request this physical MasterCard card.

Among the advantages it offers us is that of buy wherever we want, directly in physical stores. Or, in this case, we can register the MasterCard to pay on Amazon with PayPal. We can access PayPal balance from ATMs around the world and there is no monthly fee or surcharge for making transactions either online or at physical points of sale. We can make a withdrawal of 350 euros in cash at ATMs or spend a daily maximum of 6,000 euros for transactions.


The great advantage of this card is that we can request it for it to arrive and to be able to register it as a payment method on Amazon to make accounts safely and with “extra” protection, but the problem is that we will need a PayPal Business account focused on companies and designed not only to pay but to manage payments received from Internet sales, etc. Therefore, the option you have is to create a Business account if you don't have one. You can do it from the card contracting process and continue until you have yours.

PayPal Cash Card It is another card option to consider, although there are countries in which it is not available or is not supported, such as Spain. You must meet the requirements and belong to an associated country to order it and pay for your purchases on Amazon and other online stores with it. It is a MasterCard associated with your payment platform, and the application is also free. Having a service card is a good way to pay directly for your Amazon purchases. When you apply for the Cash Card, the regular PayPal account becomes a Cash Plus account, which offers some additional features.

Alternatives for your purchases on Amazon

Beyond gift cards or the PayPal card itself, if you can access these options, we can think of other ways with which you can make your purchases in the marketplace using your favorite payment account. Although PayPal cannot be used by default, there are other systems that use the same method to protect us when we buy online and that will ensure that if our Amazon account is stolen they will not be able to pay large amounts of money with it… For example, prepaid cards that we fill in with the amount we want and that work like a conventional credit card.

Prepaid cards

If none of this seems right to us, one option is use prepaid cards that allow us to recharge our balance and then use it on Amazon. You do not necessarily have to use the Amazon card mentioned above, but you can use versions from other companies such as Correos Prepago. This is not as such a way to pay with PayPal on Amazon because we would not pay with PayPal, but yes it is a “similar” version since we use a pre-loaded balance previously on that specific MasterCard that you can use exclusively for your purchases in this online store and without the risk of hacking on your usual credit card, for example.

prepaid mail

Beyond the aforementioned Prepaid Post Office, there are many others. There are many virtual or prepaid cards not associated with a bank that offer us this possibility: from Bnext or Revolut (some of the best known) to prepaid Correos that we can request at any office for about six euros and no maintenance cost. All you have to do is look for which one best suits your conditions or requirements and choose the one that best suits you.

Use Amazon Pay directly

Amazon Pay is the service offered by the e-commerce giant to buy products, a clear alternative to PayPal. As expected, different payment methods can be associated with it and it is very easy to use if you are already an Amazon Prime customer. The same Amazon account opens the doors of Amazon Pay here, so it will be enough to register with the username and password to carry out an operation.

Amazon Pay

There's a Amazon Pay button that easily identifies the platform. No additional registration is required for these purchases, as Amazon Pay uses the address and payment methods stored in your Amazon account. To use Amazon Pay, customers must have an Amazon account. To make payment, we are redirected to the Amazon login page so we can log in and confirm the purchase.

Transfer balance to bank account

PayPal has a very convenient system to do balance withdrawals to bank accounts of the entire world. You will not have any problem transferring your money to the bank (bank account or card) and then, from there, spending it on Amazon using your credit card. The main thing to keep in mind is that there are two ways to make transfers: immediate or with a waiting period.

PayPal interface to send money to bank account

In the first case, the money is received as we say: in a matter of a few seconds. The immediacy with which this way of transferring funds works is quite impressive and speaks well of how much this online payment technology has advanced. However, it is a service that has a price. What you will have to pay will be 1% of the money you have sent. Of course, the good news is that there is a maximum commission charge that they will charge you whatever you send, this being 10 euros. There is also a minimum of 0.25 euros.

The other way to send PayPal money to the bank is with standard withdrawal, which means you will have to wait between one and two business days. Receiving the money will be more or less fast depending on the bank you work with. Sometimes it arrives in a matter of a few hours, while other times the period of up to 48 hours is reached. Also, keep in mind that if there is a currency exchange you will have to pay a commission

Send money to someone else

Maybe all the previous options seem too complicated to you and what you want is to end the problem you have as soon as possible, which is none other than having a PayPal balance and need to use it on Amazon. What you may not have considered and that is actually very comfortable is asking someone for a favor. This will come in handy, especially if it is a sporadic situation in which you have an emergency or need to get out of trouble. For example, maybe you have money in PayPal for any reason and you don't know what to do with it or you absolutely need to use it on Amazon.

Process to buy an Amazon gift card

What you can do in this case is send the money to another person, for example, a family member, such as your brother or your partner, and then have them pay the order for you or I bought you a gift card. In this case, you could actually buy Amazon gift cards that are physically sold in stores, since the money would already be in the possession of the recipient. But, of course, all this is taking into account that the person to whom you send the PayPal balance has no problem taking advantage of it later or sending it to their bank account (something that perhaps you, for one reason or another, do not you can do for yourself).

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