The bitcoin exchange is at its lowest levels before you see it. Maximum historical information that was not announced on November 10, 2021 and that the digital activity was released was more than $69,191.95. At this level, the cryptocurrency was returned to $65,000.

Below the 23-year mark, when you go down to the minimum intraday of $38,509.61, the price of the cryptocurrency increased by more than 75%. In the last months, the increment was 195% and in 2023 it ended with an accumulation of 108%.

In euros, the popular cryptocurrency is also found in historical and historical maximums. first see the historic bar of 62,400 euroswith an alza accumulated in the last year of 64.3% and 199% in the last months.

“The fact that Bitcoin recovers its maximum history is more likely than not to disappear,” said Alex Thorn, director of analysis at Galaxy Digital. “In addition to 15 years of existence, Bitcoin has experimented with more than 75%, and still it has been regresed with success”, sostiene.

A favorable monetary policy

In 2022, Bitcoin was released, when it reached 65%, due to the endurance of monetary policies to curb a desvocated inflation. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the United States remained at 3.1%, bordering on 3.4%, which ended by December. In July 2022 it reached 9.1%.

Without embargo, the Federal Reserve of United States promises at its meeting on the 13th of December rebajar the types of interests on three occasions est 2024. At the moment, the tips are at 5.25% and have a low margin so that inflation is controlled.

The president of the Fed, Jerome Powell, will report on the monetary policy of the organization that will lead before the Congress is midday (4:00 p.m.) and before the Senado (jueves at 4:00 p.m.). “If (…) Powell considers that the evolution of inflation is positive and that it is how it is that it is out of control, a first of its kind in June, the momentum can be extended. In this case, it can be extended. the paradoja of that Cycling activities like bags and refuge activities (gold and bitcoin) are available “It's a free transaction at the same time”, explained Luis Francisco Ruiz, analyst at CMC Markets.

If, by the contract, the market interprets that Jerome Powell does not know how to deal with the current situation and that the bottoms of the tips may be flattened and will be subject to corrections in the bags and a relaxation in the circumstances of the tips. The future market, at 68.6%, is that the Fed will pay 25 basic points for interested parties approximately 12 years of age.

The predictable decline of the cost of the income in the United States and Europe also stimulates the variable income and especially the activities linked to the increase. The Nasdaq Composite Technology Index shows the highest historical figures Last year, we converted to the last of the main bursatile indices to achieve a record this year.

Large entries for ETFs

Las ultimas de los ultimos días llegan en momento de grande entradas de capital en los nuevos fundos cotizados (ETF), que aprobó este mismo mes de enero la SEC -el regulator de bursátil il estadounidense-. For example, BlackRock's funded fund, iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), exceeded $10,000 million in management activities last week.

“With the birth of this new ETF, large movements occur during the working days during the last few weeks,” said Antoni Trenchev, co-founder of the Nexo cryptocurrency exchange. “Where we come from now… well, there will be a repetition of what happened at the beginning of the last week, when The bitcoin suffered 10,000 dollars in one space per day. We are in this type of twist in which one or more days of lateral consolidation can proceed to an explosive action of the price thanks to the request of these new ETFs al contacta”, subraya.

Vuelven los accionistas minoristas

Minorist accionistas, llamados 'criptobros' in social laws, are of view. The reputation of bitcoin also stimulated other cryptocurrencies, especially last year. The analysts indicate that this is an evidence that the minority investors, that they were present during a large part of the recent rally, are beginning to decline in the market.

Ethereum, the capitalized cryptocurrency segment, underwent a 59% in the last year, solana a 27% and cardano a 20%.

Reduction of bitcoin broadcasts

Bitcoin experts also pay tribute to the losses cuarto 'halving' that will occur between March and June of 2024, it is assumed that the reduction that every four years would be sufficient for bitcoin miners to be rewarded. Los tres 'halving' que se han dado en la histoire han generado nuevos máximos históricos en 12 meses, por lo que muchos inversores confían en que se repita la histoire. These reductions at the same time continue to produce new bitcoins and the cryptocurrency has a final sum of 21 million tokens. Currently, there is an estimated 19.5 million in circulation.

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