Qualifications for employment as a finance controller?

Austen Emard asked a question: Qualifications for employment as a finance controller?
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There is no doubt that a finance controller has no choice but to be responsible with money. In addition, finance controllers must be mission oriented. The role of a finance controller changes a lot. This career often offers many different opportunities. For example, a finance controller typically has the opportunity to become the vice president of operations, the chief executive officer, and even the president of the company in question. Needed Qualifications for a Finance Controller The needed qualifications in order to become a finance controller typically depend on the company in question. If one wishes to become a finance controller for a small company, he or she usually needs a solid understanding of accounting principles. In addition, that person usually needs to work for that company for a long enough time. One good thing about being a finance controller for a small company is the fact that the CPA license is not exactly needed. However, this is only the case if the company has another person with a CPA who reviews all of the work that the finance controller does. For someone who wishes to become a finance controller for a large company, he or she needs to have a lot of public accounting experience and a CPA license. Many companies also look for men and women who have worked at accounting firms that include KPMG, PWC, Young and Deliotte, and Ernst. Between two and five years of accounting experience with a publicly traded company is also another major factor. Normal Compensation for a Finance Controller How much a finance controller makes with his or her annual salary and bonus usually depends on how large the company is. This is because a larger company typically has more to offer the experienced finance controller. The average finance controller for a larger company usually makes anywhere between one hundred thousand dollars and two hundred and twenty thousand dollars. This is an extremely large amount when compared to how much finance controllers who work for smaller companies make. A finance controller who works for a smaller company typically makes between sixty thousand dollars and ninety thousand dollars.

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