Reddit - hardest accounting class you took in college?

Curt Treutel asked a question: Reddit - hardest accounting class you took in college?
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💰 Hardest accounting class you took in college?

Everyone was really excited when the teacher said that she would only test on things in the powerpoint until we realized that each powerpoint was 42-60 slides long with paragraphs of information. level 2. KeifHaring. CPA (US) B4 Survivor 8 points · 3 years ago. Yeah I got the worst grade of my college career in tax.

💰 Reddit accounting what college class?

Hey guys, currently a senior in college, was wondering what was the hardest class you took in college? Which class most benefited you after college? … Hardest: Int. 2 Most Beneficial: Accounting Theory (but that's

💰 Which accounting class is hardest?

  • Advanced Financial Accounting and Reporting II – this is the most dreaded subject of accounting students…
  • Cost Accounting and Cost Management – this course is designed to orient the students to the cost accounting and cost management framework of business.

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If you like mathematics, specifically applied math, this may be a great fit major for you. Becoming an accountant requires long apprenticeships and lots of studying after graduating from college. However, you can get a well-paid job right out of college, as businesses love to hire folks with this quantitative background.

Jun 14, 2010. #45. The hardest classes will be the ones you hate. Calc III was the easiest class I've ever taken but I enjoy math. Organic Chemistry, Physics, Cell Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology were also extremely easy (I went into the finals only needing to make a 50 to keep an A).

Here at OneClass, we believe in you! Here are 11 of the Hardest classes at University of Ottawa! 1. GEG3312 - Advanced GIS. The first most difficult course at uOttawa is Advanced GIS. It's so difficult, that no one even talks about it because we would all be happier if it was a thing that just didn't exist.

If you are currently USC student, make sure to put extra efforts and time in these courses. Bases on student's opinions, these are 10 of the Hardest Classes at USC! 1. ECON 351 - Intermediate Microeconomics If you’re a business student, or aspiring business student, expect ECON 351 to be in your future--there’s no getting out of it.

Hardest: Int. 2. Most Beneficial: Accounting Theory (but that's probably just because I had an awesome professor) Tip for tax: Really pay attention to the actual forms, you can learn a lot just by thinking through the logic of the instructions.

Yeah I got the worst grade of my college career in tax. I think it was a mix of a really bad teacher and the class was at 8am so naturally I would skip 1 class a week (out of 2). I'm a week away from taking Reg and I'm mad I couldn't remember this stuff 2 years ago because it really isn't that hard.

My toughest classes were Cost Accounting and Intermediate 2. After relearning these concepts for the CPA exam, I realized the material is not THAT hard. I just had a tough time because I took both classes at once and I didn't care for the instructors. November 28, 2015 at 4:43 am #745354. steve777.

Unfortunately, theres no bypassing it if you want the degree, and a CPA one day.

. goose7856 February 16, 2011, 9:14pm #9.

Intermediate 1 and especially 2 are probably the hardest. However, they are really the backbone to learning 'accounting.'


Individual Tax is fairly difficult and so is Business Entity Tax.

. Certainly, calculus and statistics are considered hard. However, if you were to ask most business majors this question,they probably will answer: accounting.

The reason might surprise you. It isn't the math that makes accounting hard because the math is much easier than that of statistics or calculus. Accounting, however, is akin to law.

Determining the five hardest classes is very subjective. If you have always been good at math, for example, then you might not find college algebra that tough. On the other hand, if you favor classes like English and literature, you may find math in general, let alone college algebra, hard. Of course, any class can be a stressor if you don’t ...

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r/Accounting: Primarily for accountants and aspiring accountants to learn about and discuss their career choice. Advice and questions welcome. Press J to jump to the feed.

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The majors are: CIS (Computer Information Systems), economics, finance, or business administration. CIS is very flexible and will allow me to work in tech and business career fields. I’d have a good understanding of both, I like tech as well, and that would help me in a tech-related business.

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Accounting student here. Advice. I just started my degree in accounting and I just bombed my first test. Any advise on how to remember how to do journal entries correctly? That’s what I missed the most on. Also credit and debiting got me stumped and I kept getting them backwards. It was a little disheartening to get a 56 in my accounting201 class and I’m the only accounting major in there. 🤦🏻‍♀️ . 14 comments. share. save. hide. report. 72% Upvoted. This thread is archived ...

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Having worked in accounting at a college, I can answer this question. OP is actually correct about the sequencing of entries but wrong about the timing. Most colleges don't do their actual accounting for term tuition until the add/drop period is over (usually 2-3 weeks into the term), not when students sign up for classes, so the balance sheet gross up issue isn't relevant.

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It doesn’t have to be what you expected, but it should be something that still interests you. 50 hours a week is a shit ton of time to just be waiting for the day to be over. 53. level 1. Hoooookay. Fed. Gov. 2 years ago. I wish I knew it was downhill from here. 26. level 1. thisonelife83.

Reddit college what is accounting?

Accounting is an apprenticeship model. I've worked in public, finance, and for private companies. Working on a PHD. The truth is, yes, most of what you learn can be applied. Accounting education is geared towards CPA exam knowledge. People in the Big 4 get very 'dumbed' down b/c they usually focus in one narrow area.

Is accounting the hardest business major in college?

When we do that, accounting is one of the easiest business majors, according to the data. Accounting may not seem like the easiest business major, but according to the data it is. This could be due to the fact that students who major in accounting know what they are getting into and the retention rate is higher for students in this major.

Hardest accounting course?

What was the hardest Accounting course in college? Discussion. DEF. Intermediate 2! 1 vote. Intermediate Accounting 1. Intermediate Accounting 2. Federal Taxation. Internal Auditing.

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The latter programs are helpful for those who plan to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, as they help them meet the certification requirement of 150 semester hours. In addition to...

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pieces of a puzzle. Most students would say their first accounting class is hard because, for most students, it will have been the first college class that required them to do more than just come...

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The accounting courses often included in a 120- or 150-credit college accounting degree are: fundamentals of financial accounting fundamentals of managerial accounting intermediate financial accounting and reporting advanced financial accounting and reporting cost/managerial accounting accounting ...

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Honestly, business courses like accounting and economics are just as difficult as any undergrad hard science course you'll take depending on the person. The reason why business isn't seen as a difficult major is because there's a lot of cupcake classes mixed in with a difficult ones unlike the hard Sciences or engineering where you get blasted ...

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Does it matter what grade I get in the additional classes I take at community to get to 150? The only GPA I plan on putting on my resume will be from my undergrad. Will any employers require me to send a transcript in from my university AND community college to verify that I actually have 150 credits

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Replies to: How difficult is Accounting? 1) Go to Professor's office hours early in the semester and Ask this question: "I know this is a really difficult... 2) If you have problems with the homework, go to Prof's office hours. If they have any "help sessions" or "study... 3) Form a study group with ...

How hard is accounting class in college?

Accounting is probably the most challenging business degree. I never had a problem in any class in high school. I scored top of every class in terms of testing. I did well on the SAT's and on our state tests I frequently score 5's.

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Course Summary Accounting 101: Financial Accounting has been evaluated and recommended for 3 semester hours and may be transferred to over 2,000 colleges and universities. This convenient online...

Is accounting a hard class in college?

Accounting can be a very challenging major and takes four years of serious commitment to complete. With difficult classes, intense curriculums, and very little free time, many international students find that accounting may not be right for them and decide to leave the field.

Is accounting class hard in college 2020?

Each day's lesson builds most students would say their first accounting class is hard because, for most students, it will have been the first college class that required them to do. Certain aspects of accounting can be complex, but ultimately it requires hard work and studying just like other college classes.

Is accounting class hard in college credit?

Accounting college classes can present a challenge. Be prepared to analyze and improve your time management skills because you’ll probably put in quite a few hours of studying or homework a week. Though this may lead you to ask, “Is accounting hard to learn?” you’ll see that the answer is “not necessarily.”

Is accounting class hard in college education?

Yes accounting is hard, but in a good way and the same as the law is hard for lawyers. Accounting is a mind changing science that will force you to see events and evaluate transactions in an entirely different way.

Is accounting class hard in college essay?

The class was about half community college students, and half kids from the state flagship who hadn't passed the analogous classes at their home school with a high enough grade to stay in the major. Accounting is not inherently difficult, but it can be graded hard.

Is accounting class hard in college football?

Classes at MIT are indeed difficult, with homework and associated studying consuming a large chunk of time. The beauty of this is that it pushes students to go above and beyond their previous understanding of what they believed themselves to be capable of.

Is accounting class hard in college school?

So, is accounting hard? It depends. If you want to learn it - it's not hard, it's actually quite exciting. If you are not sure about it - I hope you do some soul searching before enrolling into the course.

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Yes accounting is hard, but in a good way and the same as the law is hard for lawyers. Accounting is a mind changing science that will force you to see events and evaluate transactions in an entirely different way. 2.6K views