The time of the 'halving' ha llegado a Bitcoin Algunos días antes de lo previsto. The reduction to the mitad of the award by minar in the 'blockchain' (Transaction Verification Process) of the Queen of Cryptocurrencies maintains the highest attention between the inverters sobre las consequences that tend to be average and wide for your subscription, which has come under pressure at least in the last few weeks. Bitcoin is located among players at the media session today 63,500 dollars, an allowance of 12% for the reduction of historical maximums that marcó in marzo.

Desde que se mine el block number 840,000 In esa red virtual, algo que sucederá de ma inminente, les mines aspirarán a recibir 3.12 bitcoins como premio en lugar de los 6.25 actuales, lo que traducido a dinero tradicional supontrá pasar de 396,000 to 198,000 dollars al cambio actual. The bone llamados 'mineros' receive this part of the red decentralization By carrying out computer calculations with computer equipment that can be solved as quickly as possible mathematical problems to do so, as a virtual notary, of transactions that take place with Bitcóin. In the hand of the Viernes tan only 100 blocks are placed in the minars to help the hope 'halving' is mismo Viernesjust a few days before the forecast.

“Because bitcoin mines and their yields will be more affected in principle. However, if you increase the amount of bitcoin in the market, if the request continues it is the same, I hope the price increases. Así ha currido en los pasados ​​'halvings'”, commenta Mireya Fernándezresponsible for Bitpanda for the Centro, Sur y Oriente de Europa. “Sin embargo, we leave everything aside to think that the effects of this new one”halving' nada tendrán que ver con el FOMO (reversal fiber) or the 'bull run' (rally alcista) vivid in previous moments, they can assist you during the period of maturity of digital activities”, then.

The bitcoin exceeds 71,200 dollars and it has a new maximum history

A menor rewarded

Precisely, the evolution of the price is one of the great uncertainties that it involves for the investors and the operators of Bitcoin due to the great movements at the time there is the little that characterizes the cryptography that was born in 2008. So well the Trayectoria a largo plazo ha sido vertical estos 15 añosthe periods known as 'criptoinvierno' han destapado no pocos daños al sector, en forma de quiebras de empresas, estafas a grand escala y desconfianza en general, seguidos de una intensificación del escrutinio regulador en la mayoría de países.

“El behavior of digital activities is mainly related to the behavior of digital activities. Aunque Bitcoin compares algunas cualidades con el oro, este ultimo sigue siendo el activivo refugio por excelencia, y los precios del oro se mantuvieron altos en medio del estrés reciente en los mercados, bientras que los precios de Bitcoin retrocedieron”, apunta Manuel Villegasanalyst of Julius Baer.

There are multiple factors that can be used against Bitcoin prices in the next place as an example of this enduring the perspectives of types Part of the Federal Reserve (Fed) of the USA which affects the behavior of bags and activities in general, like the copyrighted properties. Considering that there are positive signals, Villegas advises that there are possible developments against Bitcoin.

“There greater profitability of the mines podría llevar has a major need for sell more tokens to cover costs denominated in fiat (traditional division), especially with the halving at the sight of the road. Moreover, the perspective of asked We are not as old as the beginnings of the marzo, the netos flujos hacia los fondos cotizados en bolsa (AND F) of Bitcoin of United States has diminished considerably,” argued one informant.

Why is it important?

Simon Peters, eToro's expert crypto analyst, highlights some of the key factors to be considered based on the importance of the new scenario to take into account the 'halving'. “As the price decreases, the price tends to suffer, and historically it is as it is with Bitcoin, with 'halvings' of previous rewards that inaugurated a new market for this cryptocurrency. The last halving of the bitcoin you can enjoy in may 2020, when the price is around 9,000 dollars, a small fraction of what it is. interests of investors in Bitcoin it has been revived by the approval of ETFs of the price at the beginning of the year, many of us in the cryptocurrency community believe that the halving of this my power can feed more than the positive feeling when the bitcoin turns and disappears at its price.”

In exchange, Fernández (Bitpanda) creates that the price of precious metals It will be much more moderate at the moment. “Sin, it deals with one of the most important events in the calendar of the crypto industry and that, in addition, shows the technical singularity of Bitcoin as a totally active revolution. We are experiencing a growing market, but much more than it is growing and consolidating. That in previous steps is that precisely 'halving' is thought of, among other things, to reduce the volatility of Bitcoin precisely due to this. We hope that the effects of this event will be appreciated immediately.”.

Bitcoin is pending the SEC's decision on cryptoETFs.

A skeptical vision and the riesgos

“Es poco likely that the Bitcóin is lost as the average intercambio generalizado depends on its location and cost of transaction capacity. The return has been driven mainly by the speculative demand, but the divisibility, fungibility, liquidation, limited offering, decentralization, security and creation of adoption of bitcoin can take the route so that it becomes a deposit of value in a future future. El potencial alcista a largo plazo sigue siendo alto, al igual que los riesgos de fracaso y los dida total de valor”, escriben Ulrich Stephan y Patrick Kellenbergerestrategas of Deutsche Bank.

In a special report on the situation of the cryptocurrency market, the German bank reported that the 'halvings' occurred every 4 years or every 210,000 minados blocked and reduced it to a 50%. In this sense, the approximate reduction at the end of the reward will be taken from 2% to less than 1% annually from the new suministro. “As mining rewards diminish over the years, we hope that the increased adoption of bitcoin increases transaction rates y compensates for the mines by the sum of the calculation power of the system. Over the last few years, loads such as the amount of ingredients that block them are very volatile and fluctuate normally. between 0 and 5%, but still 10-20% for a period extended and, on occasions, included over 40%”, explained.

Segun the initial design of Bitcoin, the last unit was last year 2140. For Deutsche Bank, its operation presents multiple ries like the appearance of the computers that plant security problems because you will be able to descipher the encryption of the private keys s secrets . “In addition to the limitation of the offer and the reduction in its increase, some estimates are based on the fact that between 3 and 4 million bitcoins will be lost foreveralmacenados en monederos con sus claves privadas que nunca podrán podrán se recuperarse”, advised.

In your analysis, the most relevant cryptocurrency centralization is that 70% of all bitcoins are in the hands of 2% of the most important transactions in the market, which is a Glassnode study. Collect yet more of the 80% of the computing power of the Bitcoin block lock solo procedure 5 paise in 2022 (EU 38%, China 21%, Kazajstan 13%, Canada 6%, Russia 5%), which is where vulnerable sea system centralization and manipulation. “There centralization can be increased Please note that the mining reward decreases with the time if the transaction rates do not compensate the mines and the system's calculation power is withdrawn. The normative changes may end at the height of the cryptomonedas at any moment. Various countries prohibit all cryptography“, alertan.

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