The winds are offshore and dry during winter months?

Theresia Kuphal asked a question: The winds are offshore and dry during winter months?
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On-shore summer winds from over tropical warm oceans are generators of abundant precipitation, while the off-shore winds from over land make the weather dry during winter.


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đź’° Why the winds are offshore and dry during winter months?

After retreating of south-west monsoon from India, winter or cold weather season starts. It starts from December and lasts till March. Winds that blow in winter are dry because they do not arise from water bodies and are hence called offshore winds. They start from mainland in the north blow towards low lying areas.

đź’° Are offshore winds stronger?

Offshore Wind is Right on Time: Offshore winds are typically stronger during the day, allowing for a more stable and efficient production of energy when consumer demand is at its peak. Most land-based wind resources are stronger at night, when electricity demands are lower.

đź’° Why are offshore winds stronger than onshore winds?

  • This occurs when turbines reduce the wind’s strength as it travels downstream. Therefore, there was a need to find an alternative source of stronger winds, and offshore winds became a target. The winds out in the ocean are much stronger and consistent that the winds on land.

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