El bitcoin ha rebasado su máximos históricos, y ahora se adentra en un terreno deconocido. The main cryptography of the world has duplicated its price in the market in case of four months it has reached over 72,000 dollars, when it has been a decade worth less than 1,000 euros.

The analysts reciben esta evolution of the activity with uncertainty, I hope that you can pass through the 'halving' that will tend to lugar in April and with the few types of interests in the horizon. This term means that, as indicated by the Coinbase platform, approximately every four years the reward for minar bitcoins (the process by which it occurs in circulation of new bitcoins) is reduced to the mitad. The reward awarded to the miners who secure the red is reduced to a 50%, which is reflected directly in the ritmo when new bitcoins are introduced into circulation. This only impacts the contribution of the cryptocurrency, which in this situation, foresees for April, in maximum thanks to the employment of large American investors.

Hay quien es optimista y apunta a que continuará endureendo, consolidando así su hegemonía en este mercado. This is all you need to save the bitcoin to reload as much as possible and what you can use with the cryptocurrency.


How has your contribution evolved and what hope does it have for the future?

Volatility is what characterizes the cryptocurrency. In the last four months, the price has been duplicated, but in the previous few months, some of the items have lost 75% of their market value.

In 2014, for years, a bitcoin was worth less than 1,000 dollars. Last year, the main cryptocurrency of the market was sold to over 72,000 dollars and sparked the interests of many investors, especially professionals and others. Está en máximos históricos, aunque su trayectoria no ha sido siempre de continuada sino de fluctuaciones.

Volatility persists over the next few years of its launch. In 2017 you have a first pico hasta quedarse to lose the 20,000 dollars, to then go down less than the mitad; In 2021 we reached about 65,000 dollars, and a year later its value was reduced by approximately 75% where it was called 'criptoinverno', with the lack of platforms in the USA. like FTX; Ahora ha vulvo a repuntar, very quickly, hasta superar máximos históricos.

Weigh the uncertainty, hay who thinks that can be suffered. “The future of digital businesses in the financial environment is promising and characterized by a clear tendency towards integration and innovation,” says Onyze, who also recommends other experts. Manuel Villegas, digital activity analyst of the Julius Baer entity, believes that “the fundamental context is solid” and that the prices “are well reflected in current levels with a major potential impact. It is likely that the expectations of a monetary policy are more favorable in proportion to the cola, particularly if it is liquidated in dollars if it increases.

Reasons for the Subida

¿How did I get to the maximum?

The weather has happened in the last months. In fact, there was a lot of money that was obtained in the United States, which was approved by various bitcoin ETFs in its contact, where it was catapulted by its demand and its price, and entered into large institutional investors.

Bitcoin ETFs are funded in funds that represent the price of the cryptocurrency; From this point of view, the inverter is exposed to the bitcoin without installation, and this is an active action. They are recently authorized by the North American authorities, and they have also entered into institutional reversals.

“The approval of the Bitcoin ETF has attracted institutional capital from the United States, which has propelled it to the highest level of market sentiment. Another factor to keep in mind is that the correlation of the 'crypto' market with the traditional financial market is growing and moving into similar cycles,” said Eric Demuth, co-founder and CEO of Bitpanda, who noted that the cryptocurrencies are superadopted by “the condition of “Ser tan solo una nicho industry”. As an indicator of the experts, the types of interests they have are going to go down in the near quarters also favor their participation.

Esta approval in EE.UU. Because of the fact that the regulators open the door to a greater acceptance, this possibility is negated in the last years due to the lack of maturity of the cryptography.


¿Who is the main detractor of the activity?

The BCE is one of the institutions that most requests bitcoin. The student of the institution, in a recent article, llegó advertir del derrumbe del “castillo de naipes” de este activo, al time que destacaba que su valor real es cero.

“The price level of bitcoin It is not an indicator of its stability. No fundamental economic data, no reasonable value that can be derived from serial forecasts. There is no such thing as a 'prueba de precio' in a speculative burbuja. (…). The capitalization of 'mercado' represents the general social damage that will occur when the castle collapses,” indicated Ulrich Bindseil, general director of Estructura de Mercado y Pagos del BCE.

“Bitcoin transactions are inconvenient, slow and costly. Because of the red darkness, the hidden part of the internet that is used for criminal activities, cannot be used for pages, according to the instructions. “The bitcoin todavía is not suitable as an inversion. We do not generate any cash flow (a difference in racial assets) or dividends (shares), we cannot use it productively (primary materials) and we do not offer any social benefits or appreciation based on social skills. Minorista investors with little financial knowledge are attracted by their loss of life, where they potentially lose their money, añadió.

Practical application

How can you use bitcoin?

Bitcoin appeared at this time as a new digital division and deposit of value. Sin embargo, your practical application as the method of payment is very limited and there are only a few businesses that allow you to carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies. In this case, Tesla was the one who allowed you to subscribe to your Bitcoin coins, but it still worked at that time.

Through the Coinmap portal you can check the stability that accepts the cryptocurrency market, mainly bitcoin. From dental clinics, to hotels, computer stores, clothing stores… established professionals in all of Spain this permit, but it is a very small company respecting the total number of businesses. As an example, on the Internet if you have businesses like Apple or Microsoft that allow you to subscribe to some of our services via cryptography, you can also use them to make purchases on Amazon indirectly through external portals.

Most of all, the cryptocurrencies were converted into a form of speculation to become profitable. Investors who have one of these activities, as it can be a bitcoin, are more likely to be sold if the price is lower. The riesgo, in this sense, is the high volatility that holds the 'criptos', that in case of days you can lose all of your valuethis is what has been announced on repeated occasions by financial and financial supervisors.


How do you store bitcoins?

Existen varias forms of almacenarlos. The most usual and easy one is with a monedero, there is digital or physical sea. Your acquisition, generally, is carried out through digital platforms dedicated to cryptocurrencies, such as through Coinbase, which acts as currency and as a stock exchange.

Through these coins it is possible to operate with cryptocurrencies and include payment in the stable locations that this allows. As a matter of fact, there are also cards that are credited to a currency to carry out commercial transactions automatically converting the activities to the local currency.

The operation of bitcoin debit cards is similar to banking cards. You can use your pages to store physical or internet sources and receive money in your local currency. This card transfers the 'cripto' to the local currency to be able to pay in any location. In these cases, there are prepared cards, which are pre-loaded with the sale of cryptocurrencies to the market, or cards with a 'cripto' monedero vinculado that sells the necessary activities when you go to realize a book.


How to convert bitcoins into physical physics?

The most obvious and usual way to trade with cryptocurrencies is through digital inversion platforms in this type of activity. Transfers are made from the bank to the bank/currency of the platform and then you acquire the 'criptos'; At the same time, you can carry out the reverse operation, convert the activity into money and transfer it to a traditional bank account.

This option is the most usual but not the fastest, it means that you will have to carry out various operations. There are alternatives to operate including physical handling through the 'criptocajeros' llamados. Its money similar to that of a bank you can buy money in euros, for example, to buy bitcoins and deposit them in a virtual or physical currency. As a simple matter, you can acquire money with the cash register and carry out the operation to obtain money in effect.

Apart from that, with the pre-prepared debit cards or the coins you can acquire traditional cash registers to have real money in local money.

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