In 2014, one bitcoin was worth $1,000. Last years, the main cryptocurrency of the super market $72,000 y arouse the interests of many investors, especially professionals and others. Está en máximos históricos y los expertos apuntan a que el activo entered ahora en terreno deconocido, con defensores y detractores ambos lados del Atlántico.

Bitcoin is a digital division conceived as a method of payment and deposit of value, but is subject to the supervision of the authorities. Is a decentralized activity; Without embargo, there are also some problems that may cause volatility and easy recovery for offenders.

This volatility prevents it from being launched for a few years. In 2017 you have a first pico hasta quedarse to lose the 20,000 dollars, to then go down less than the mitad; In 2021 we reached about 65,000 dollars, and a year later its value was reduced by approximately 75% where it was called 'criptoinvierno', with the lack of platforms in EE.UU. like FTX; Ahora ha vulvo a repuntar, very quickly, hasta superar máximos máximos históricos por cima de los 70,000 dólares ya que, desde finals de 2023, the price of the bitcoin has been duplicated only in four months, a good show of its volatility.

Una vez más, the mayor cryptomoneda of the world If you infringe on the uncertainty of whether you can lose it. Javier Molina, senior market analyst for eToro, points out that the superadox of the highest bitcoins is in an area of ​​“discovery of price, because it involves so much of the euphoria level, as the attraction of new food flows”. It is more difficult to prevent the behavior of the activity and to prevent it from increasing volatility.

Asimismo, Eric Demuth, co-founder and CEO of Bitpanda, received the following event that the journey to bitcoin, which is the near 'halving'. This term means that, as an indication of the Coinbase platform, approximately every four years the reward for minar bitcoins (the process by which it occurs in circulation of new bitcoins) is reduced to the mitad. The reward awarded to the miners who secure the red is reduced to a 50%, which is reflected directly in the ritmo when new bitcoins are introduced into circulation. This only impacts the contribution of the cryptocurrency, which in this situation, foresees for April, in maximum thanks to the employment of large American investors.

¿How is it possible that four meses have duplicated their value? “During the last few weeks there has been an exponential increase in the value of 'criptos' in the market, where there has been an increase in excitement in some cases from investors”, says Álvaro Alcañiz, CMO and co-funder. of the Onyze entity. This stimulation, this increase in attraction, has its origin, between other factors, in the downstream of the established authorities to them bitcoin ETF al contadowhere he catapulted his demand and his price, and entered into great institutional investors.

Bitcoin ETFs are funded in funds that represent the price of the cryptocurrency; From this point of view, the inverter is exposed to the bitcoin without installation, and this is an active action. They are recently authorized by the North American authorities, and they have also entered into institutional reversals.

“The approval of the Bitcoin ETF is based on institutional capital. United States, where it propelled more than the feeling of the mercado. Another factor to keep in mind is that the correlation of the 'crypto' market with the traditional financial market is growing and moving into similar cycles”, indicated Demuth, of Bitpanda, who noted that the cryptomonedas are superado “the condition of being a single one “nicho industry”. As an indicator of the experts, the types of interests they have are going to go down in the near quarters also favor their participation.

Esta approval in EE.UU. Because of the fact that the regulators open the door to a greater acceptance, this possibility is negated in the last years due to the lack of maturity of the cryptography. Without embargo, the desarrollo and interests in North America contrast with the situation in Europe.

Rechazo en Europa

In Europe the ETF has much less acceptance than in EE.UU. y hay más reticencias hacia las criptomonedas. If there are bonuses in the Bolsa that offer indirect exposure to bitcoin, and some of them are not in the German Bolsa and in the United Kingdom, but the supervisors are positioned radically in the opposite direction.

For example, this indicates the correct position of the Banco Central Europeo (BCE) a los criptoactivos in general. However, this week I have been alerted that the bitcoin is “a castle of naipes” that is going to be destroyed, and that its value, weighs on the contribution, in reality it is this. “The capitalization of 'mercado' quantifies the general social damage that will occur when the castle collapses”, wrote Ulrich Bindseil, general director of Estructura de Mercado y Pagos del BCE.

“The capitalization of 'mercado' quantifies the general social damage that will occur when the castle of Naipes collapses”

Ulrich Bindseil

Director general of Estructura de Mercado y Pagos del BCE

From the point of regulatory view, in Brussels there are also great reluctances to the 'criptos', although it has approved a norm to establish greater security and a game rule for these activities. As it is, this regulation (llamada Mica) will take about a few quarters to be implanted, it only takes place in the countries.

Therefore, the European Parliament has also noted the riesgos that faced the massive use of the 'criptos'. “Consumer protection regulations do not protect users, if they do not inform you of their losses, you may lose money. “There is a greater risk of inversion into cryptoactive assets without regulation that can lead to financial instability, merchandising and financial fraud,” the Eurocamera reported in a 2022 publication.

However, the analysts may still have the foco, for one part, in the fraudulent use of bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies, that they are not supervised by any authorized person who is a refugee of criminals who encounter them in an 'easy' way to do so. the food washer and carry out illicit transaction transactions; On the other hand, it warns of the environmental impact of bitcoin mining, due to the energy consumption that causes it.

Uncertidumbre futura

To do so, “the future of digital activities in the financial environment is promised and characterized by a clear tendency towards integration and innovation”, according to Onyze's analyst, who also recommends other experts. All of this weighs on the uncertainty that it is about bitcoin, the main cryptocurrency, at its best.

Manuel Villegas, digital activity analyst of the Julius Baer entity, noted that “the fundamental context is solid in view of the near 'halving', the increasing accumulation and the high demand of ETF, it is probable that continued aggregation pressure on prices“.

This is the ultimate analysis that, in this case, there is “a fundamental context that solidifies bitcoin” and it is believed that the prices “are well reflected in today’s current levels with a major potential impact.” It is likely that the expectations of a monetary policy are more favorable in proportion to the cola, particularly if it is liquidated in dollars if it increases.

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