Our expert has chosen the Beuer anti-snoring system as the best in the comparison because it is an innovative and efficient electrostimulation proposal to minimize snoring.

The most common causes associated with snoring are diverse: overweight, presence of nasal problems, the anatomy of the airways, the position that the person adopts when sleeping, alcohol consumption… As a consequence, people who snore emit a harsh and loud sound that is annoying to those close to you.

To solve this problem, there are anti-snoring devices like the ones proposed in this comparison. Of course, if in doubt or if these snoring are associated with other symptoms, the person who snores should go to the doctor for an evaluation and determine which treatment is the most appropriate.

Anti-snoring belt: Beurer SL 40

Detail of the best anti-snoring system tested. BEUER.

For whom it is: If you are looking for an anti-snoring device based on electrostimulation, this Beurer proposal may interest you.

Why we have chosen it: It is a completely different proposal from the others since it integrates an important technological component. This belt incorporates an intelligent sensor that recognizes if the person wearing it sleeps on their back: they tend to snore more when the body is in this position. If so, it begins to emit a series of electrical impulses (this is electrostimulation) until it changes position. During the scheduled sessions, the Beurer model has offered one of the best experiences both by minimizing snoring and the intensity of the sound they produce.

It also has in its favor that the manufacturer has worked very well on the comfort of use. The instructions indicate that it is advisable that the electrodes be at the height of the central part of the back as close to the skin as possible. You notice that you are wearing it, but it is not annoying at any time. It is fixed without problems and if the length of the belt is insufficient it is possible to use the extension strap that comes in the box. It works with a rechargeable battery and its greater or lesser autonomy will depend on the level of intensity (it is possible to choose between 20 levels) that is selected from its control unit. When one of its four LEDs starts flashing red we will know that the battery is about to run out and that it needs to be fed.

Its weak points: The touch of the on/off buttons, and those that regulate the intensity of the electrical impulses, is a little hard.

Description: Belt provided with two electrodes, 20 intensity levels, hand-washable strap, chest circumference up to 140 cm, self-adhesive closure, autonomy between 16 and 40 hours depending on manufacturer, micro USB cable.

Small and medium size: Air Max nasal dilator

Another of the anti-snoring systems analyzed. AIR MAX.

For whom it is: for those users who need a device that, in addition to minimizing snoring, helps them breathe better during the day.

Why we have chosen it: One of the aspects that I liked the most about this proposal is that it comes in two sizes (one medium and one small), so users choose the version that best suits their needs. I also want to highlight that the quality of its manufacturing seems very good to me: it is a product made of medical-grade silicone, with a flexible design that produces a pleasant sensation to the touch. How was the user experience? Taking into account that the objective of these nasal dilators is to open and separate the nasal passages so that the air flow in the respiratory tract goes much better, during the tests carried out the results have surprised me for the better. It is not that it eliminates snoring, but it does minimize it, so the experience is quite positive, especially if the person using it has a fairly loud and deep snore. To avoid losing them, the manufacturer includes a small and practical storage box. They are easily cleaned with water.

Its weak points: The main aspect to improve about this proposal is its ergonomics; for some users, its use may be uncomfortable when placed in the nostrils.

Description: Nasal dilator in two sizes (small and medium), made of silicone and storage box.

More pleasant rest: Derila pillow

Detail of this anti-snoring pillow. DERILA.

For whom it is: for those considering the option of purchasing an anti-snoring pillow.

Why we have chosen it: This model is similar to a conventional pillow, but its design has a slight elevation that causes both the neck and head to be raised to open the airways and so that the air passage is not obstructed. This is an interesting alternative for those users who prefer less invasive options such as, for example, nasal dilators. The pillow, which is viscoelastic, has a butterfly wing-shaped design that is especially comfortable when sleeping on your back or side: the head fits quite well into the indentation in the central part and although at first you notice its firmness when As the days go by you adapt it. The quality of the fabric, seams and zipper is correct, but for the price I expected a little more.

Its weak points: As a pillow to rest and reduce accumulated tension, the experience is good, but to minimize the frequency and intensity of snoring, it is not the most recommended option if they are too loud.

Description: Hypoallergenic memory foam pillow and zipper. Butterfly wings design, breathable, can be put in the washing machine.

Adjustable design: anti-snoring Segminismart

Another anti-snoring system analyzed. SEGMINISMART.

For whom it is: It is aimed at users looking for a chin guard.

Why we recommend it: Among the devices to prevent snoring there are also chin guards which, as their name indicates, have the function of protecting the chin. The design of the selected model is similar to others in its category: a strap that is placed and secured to the chin, and openings that cover the rest of the face and ears. Its purpose? Avoid opening your mouth and thus 'forcing' the person wearing it to breathe through their nose.

The finish of the Segminismart device is correct for its price, while as its fabric is elastic and adjustable, this means that when sleeping it fits perfectly and does not move or move. In addition, to ensure its hygiene, after each use it is cleaned with a damp cloth; It is advisable to do this because, although the manufacturer indicates that the key is breathable, you get a little hot and end up sweating. At first, when you put it on you don't feel very comfortable, but as the sessions go by you get used to it.

Its weak points: The user experience has not been too positive because the snoring is not reduced much. To avoid opening your mouth you have to adjust the velcro very firmly and if you have sensitive skin you will hurt yourself.

Description: Elastic chin guard with velcro closure and washable.

Other models of interesting anti-snoring devices:

  • If you are looking for anti-snoring nasal strips: the Better Breath model It is sold in a pack of 100 strips. It is recommended to wash and dry the nose before application.
  • If you are looking for an anti-snoring splint: the Photomanttonary model It is composed of two pieces made of silicone that are stored in a case so as not to lose them.

How we have chosen and tested the products

When selecting the anti-snoring devices for this comparison, I have chosen four completely different models from each other to show the diversity of proposals that exist in this regard. My partner, who snores a lot, has been the person in charge of testing each of them. Thus, when analyzing and evaluating each of them, these are the aspects that have been taken into account:

  • Design: from the point of view of its construction, finish and quality of the materials used to guarantee the best possible durability.
  • Ergonomics: if they guarantee the comfort of the person while they sleep.
  • Value for money: is it accurate?
  • Experience: whether the product delivers as promised and the frequency and volume of snoring decreases when the snorer uses it.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of March 26, 2024.

(Remember that if you are a user of Amazon Prime, all purchases have free shipping costs. Amazon offers a free, no-obligation trial period for 30 days.)

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