What is considered a small auto loan?

Zena Trantow asked a question: What is considered a small auto loan?
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Most banks, according to Loan.com, will not finance any loan for less than $5,000. The minimum finance term for a small loan is typically 12 months… Regardless, of what specific bank you go with, if you can't find a loan smaller than $5,000, you'll need to find a car that justifies this loan amount.

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This doesn't mean the car you choose has to cost this much, but the total of the loan after taxes and fees must total at least $5,000. With the minimum requirement of 10% in mind, here's an example of what the smallest down payment you could make might look like for a loan: Vehicle Cost. 10% Down.

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Auto loan terms are usually between 36-60 months and have a fixed interest rate. The interest rate will be much lower when purchasing a new car financed by the dealer. Used cars have higher interest rates that are based on the consumer’s credit score.

Lender rates can range from around 6% to 36% APR. You'll want to compare rates from multiple lenders before applying. The loan with the lowest APR is the least expensive and usually the best ...

Personal loans are relatively easy to apply for and qualify for when compared to home and auto loans. That makes them useful for everything from small home improvements to expensive purchases. You can use the money for almost anything , but it’s wise to borrow only as much as you need—and only for things that improve your finances or make a significant impact on your life.

This is the popular type of loan that enables borrowers to acquire an item such as a house, an automobile or an appliance and pay for it over a period of months or years. Installment loans are repaid at regular intervals, usually monthly, and each payment includes a portion of the principal amount and some interest.

500 to 600 = poor. 601 to 660 = fair. 661 to 780 = good. 781 to 850 = excellent. As you can see, there's a slight difference between what FICO and VantageScore consider to be fair credit. FICO ...

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