What kind of hockey player are you?



Video answer: Quiz: which nhl player are you?

Quiz: which nhl player are you?


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Video answer: Take this hockey test and we'll reveal which nhl player…

Take this hockey test and we'll reveal which nhl player…

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You're a pure goal scorer with one heck of a shot. Every opposing player knows to watch out for you when you've got the puck. You've got style and flash and everyone knows it. The pest. You're not afraid to get under people's skin. You've got an arsenal of hilarious chirps and aren't afraid to use them.

What type of hockey player are you? If you're team is in the offensive zone, where are you at? top of hash marks at the point front of net in a fight behind... top of hash marks at the point front of net in a fight behind the net You're coming into the zone on an attack down the wing, what do you do ...

What Kind Of Hockey Player Are You?!?! 1. Do you have a lot of self confidence? A. Yes B. No C. Somewhat D. 110% 2. Are you a physicaly strong person? A. Yes B. Of course C. Ify D. No 3. Are you... A. The center of attention B. The most pressured C. One of the most important people but, nobody ...

10 Questions - Developed by: Trey - Developed on: 2015-07-25 - 69,599 taken - 65 people like it. This test will certify what kind of player you are when you're playing hockey. Answer the next questions as accurately as you can to get the best result. 1.

Putting your body on the line is a big part of hockey. In the playoffs especially, players will do this by blocking an opponent's shot with their own body. If the puck doesn't make it to the net, the other team can't score. Because players have much less padding than goalies, this hurts; sometimes a lot.

Like Jamie Benn, you have great communication skills, a high bode of confidence, an impressive amount of commitment and an uncanny ability to inspire. Keep up the great work and maybe one day you'll lead your team to a Stanley Cup victory! Assist Captain. Assist Captain.

What Kind Of Hockey Player Are You? Are you a captain or an old-school enforcer? Item disabled. Pick a Flyers jersey. Answer 1. Answer 2. Answer 3. Answer 4. Answer 5. Answer 6. How would your friends describe you? Confident. Sarcastic. Quiet. Reckless. Laid back. Weird. Are you superstitious? Yes, very.

Are you more of a captain or a pest? Maybe an enforcer or a goalie?

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Can you pass this a-z nhl names quiz?