When to recqonize revenue in a month for accounting?

Natasha Goyette asked a question: When to recqonize revenue in a month for accounting?
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Under accrual accounting, revenues are recognized when they are realized (payment collected) or realizable (the seller has reasonable assurance that payment on goods will be collected) and when they are earned (usually occurs when goods are transferred or services rendered).

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You can recognize the revenue immediately, since the services have already been delivered. You provide monthly accounting services for your client.

When a business charges money for a service it intends to deliver in the future, certain subscription revenue accounting rules must be followed to ensure the money is properly accounted. There's a revenue recognition principle that must be obeyed. This is often abbreviated as "rev rec" and sometimes called deferred revenue.

The electricity company needs to wait until the end of the month to receive its revenues, despite the during-the-month expenses that it has. Meanwhile, it must acknowledge that it expects future income. Accrual accounting, therefore, gives the company a means of tracking its financial position more accurately.

More specifically, an entity can record revenue when it meets all of the following criteria: The price is substantially fixed at the sale date. The buyer has either paid the seller or is obligated to make such payment. The payment is not contingent upon the buyer reselling the product.

When to Record Revenue According to GAAP, if the engineering firm bills for work done in 2018, the revenue for that work should be recognized in 2018 – even if the city doesn't cut the check until...

Conditions (1) and (2) state that revenue would be recognized when the seller has done what is expected to be entitled to payment. Therefore, revenue is recognized either: At a point in time; or

This policy establishes when revenue must be recorded at the University. The University reports its revenues on the accrual basis, meaning when they are earned, not necessarily when payment is received. Revenues are generally earned when goods are shipped or services are performed.

Company C should recognize their revenue when items are delivered to the customer, even if paid for in the weeks or months prior. In this specific example, Company C should record the revenue in March—since that’s when the products were delivered—even though the sale was booked in January and paid for in February.

You must record any expense when it is incurred, rather than when a cash payment occurs. So, if Sandra has made the sale in January, and earns a 10% commission in January, this expense needs to be booked in January, instead of February, when the revenue was booked. There’s a risk associated with the upfront booking of expenses.

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