Why do people hate accounting so much?

Winona Douglas asked a question: Why do people hate accounting so much?
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Most entrepreneurs don't fully comprehend the financial issues in their business… Maybe some do, but a lot simply don't have the knowledge to identify where they're throwing away money or missing out on easy fixes.

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It could be tough learning it without a proper introduction and without being able to relate it to one's life. The initial infomation about the course and this subject is rather dry and defies common sense, however if it's explained appropriately,...

I'm an accountant and I hate telling people what I do for a living - they always immediately assume that I'm boring! I can only guess that because most people don't actually understand what it is that accountants do, they assume it's a boring job, and therefore that the people doing it are boring too!

I actually hate the word, and sweeping generalizations about generations. Or, perhaps it’s because as a Millennial, I am in denial that Tim Urban is right and I am an unhappy yuppy . Ten years ago, I was 19 and had just started accounting at college.

I don’t love accounting because I enjoy playing around with Excel, nor because I have a certain introverted attachment to numbers. I love accounting because it tells us a story.

Why do so many people who say they dislike audit/accounting end up working as FC's/accountants? I work in audit at a Big Four and anyone who's ever worked in such a role knows how the junior staff complain about how much they dislike audit/accounting and how they want to leave.

I actually hate accounting too. I often regret getting myself into this career. My undergrad is in business management, I worked as a cost accountant for about three years (hated it), decided to get my masters in accounting so I could fulfill the education requirements, and now I'm trying to finish up taking the exam.

The answer to that is yes: in the accounting industry. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Accounting is stereotypically a dull and boring career for people who are good with numbers.

If you are presented with, "Why do you like accounting?" as an interview question, there are several ways you can approach your answer. For instance, you might highlight specific aspects of accounting that you enjoy or you might describe a specific event where improved or developed a financial process in your last role.

You might want to be more specific. Accounting has a few areas, that are quite a bit different, so you can move from one area to another. The areas of accounting are: Financial accounting Management (cost) accounting Taxation Auditing All of the a...

The reason so many people hate audit is because it is extremely boring after the first 3-4 months because you do the same exact procedures over and over for different clients, and these tasks don't even require the use of accounting knowledge most of the time.

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