Xrp relisted on coinbase july 28th?

Serenity Ankunding asked a question: Xrp relisted on coinbase july 28th?
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💰 Xrp being relisted on coinbase july 28th?

“Rocking the wildly speculative cryptocurrency world Monday, a stunning tweet by crypto-news outlet XRP the Standard Productions announced with certainty that the digital asset XRP would be relisted on popular exchange Coinbase by July 28th.” XRP The Standard Productions tweet saying cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase would relist the digital asset XRP by the end of the month.

💰 Coinbase & exchanges to relist xrp on july 28th?

Coinbase & exchanges to relist XRP on July 28th? Saw a post (will find again and link back, I’m now down a rabbit hole), that Coinbase and other exchanges are targeting July 28th to allow trading for XRP.

💰 Xrp | coinbase relist xrp on 28th of july?


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XRP RELISTED ON COINBASE JULY 28TH? RIPPLE VS SEC NEWS! This video discusses XRP potentially getting relisted to Coinbase on July 28th or shortly after this ...

Bruce Wells June 10, 2021 5:11 am

He said he saw on a episode of the simpsons that was not yet released that Coinbase would re-list XRP on July 28th 2021 as part of the great oooopppss… the reset will happen sometime after XRP trends upward sharply…then downward…then sideways…. So yes, from my sources it’s pretty much 100% guaranteed that will happen.

“Rocking the wildly speculative cryptocurrency world Monday, a stunning tweet by crypto-news outlet XRP the Standard Productions announced with certainty that the digital asset XRP would be relisted on popular exchange Coinbase by July 28th.” XRP The Standard Productions tweet saying cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase would relist the digital asset XRP by the end of the month.

July 28th is just the date Elizabeth Warren gave the SEC to come up with a clear method of how they are going to regulate crypto and exchanges. So some people are speculating that if it’s favorable. Exchanges will start to list XRP again. I doubt the SEC will even respond they keep refusing to do things ordered by judges so why a senator?

#xrp #coinbase #cryptocurrencyIn this video, we will look at when and what the effect will be when XRP gets relisted back on Coinbase.GIVEAWAY AT 100 SUBSCRI...

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Coinbase is a very renowned crypto-asset exchange that has its headquarters in San Francisco. There has been a lot of talk regarding the topic that Coinbase is about to bring XRP back to its trading platform. Nonetheless, the officials of Coinbase have not yet commented on any possibility of relisting XRP on their trading platform …

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