Bodybuilding workout schedule for beginners

Bodybuilding workout schedule for beginners

Bodybuilding workout schedule for beginners via the site OceanIn many scientific studies, it has been proven that a bodybuilder who is close to the player can gain some weight naturally from 9 to 11.5 kilos of muscle, naturally without any hormones, and there is a system called the General, which is a system that beginners follow inside the gym or any hall Iron, this system is one of the widespread systems for training beginners and those returning to training after a long period of time, but this system has some drawbacks, which are training the muscles of the body in one day.

Bodybuilding workout schedule for beginners

Bodybuilding workout schedule for beginners
Bodybuilding workout schedule for beginners

This system differs from some people to other people, as some people do this exercise in different ways that are never the same, the solution is for this person to follow exercises very similar to the general,

But in a more coordinated, more organized and effective way to get muscles in a short time, from these exercises:

Abdominal exercise (crunching) + set of repetitions from 12 to 15 times

  • This exercise is considered one of the most famous exercises for the abdominal area, which in turn works to move the rectus abdominis muscle in the first degree and also works to move the muscles of the middle.
  • Execution: The exercises begin by stretching on any type of floor, while raising the head from the ground, bending the knees, and starting the movement as we rotate the shoulder towards the pelvic area.
  • The hands are at the back or side of the neck, or stiff above the chest, and care must be taken when doing these exercises, as the head, neck or hands may be injured.
  • The crunch is one of the most famous abdominal exercises, and it primarily works the rectus abdominis muscle and moves the muscles of the waist.
  • This exercise differs from the normal stomach exercises in that it remains in the lower back on the floor to prevent any interference from the muscles of the hip area.

Bench press exercises + set of repetitions from 12 to 15

  • This exercise is very important for beginners in building muscle, as it is a complex exercise aimed at building muscles, especially in the upper body.
  • Exercise position: the player extends on a bench, and this bench must be level, then put your eyes under the bar with the chest raised and the shoulders squeezed, then the player installs his feet on the ground.
  • Grab the bar and place it in the palm of your hand with a full fist ready to lift and your wrist should be straight.
  • Raise the bar from its stand and take a long, deep breath and bring it to shoulder level. After lifting it, lower it slowly.
  • Make sure to get some fresh air and after lowering it, all you have to do is lift it up again making sure your lower back is fixed.

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Flutter exercise with dumbbells

This exercise targets the upper part of the chest muscle and also adjusts from the seated seat to an angle of 30 to 45 degrees.

How to implement: Sit on a high bench with a high seat while keeping the feet on the ground to work on balancing,

Bend your arm slightly. Slowly lower the dumbbells at your sides, taking inhales and exhales, respectively.

Press your chest and raise the dumbbells again, but this time slowly, using a circle of movement, and at the end the dumbbells should not touch each other.

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown 12-15

  • Sit on the Yall Down device with a wide bar in contact with the device and install the safety pad in the knee according to the appropriate height for it, which works to protect the body from movement due to the resistance of the weight.
  • Grasp the bar with your fist facing forward, shoulder width apart, and make a 30-degree angle to create an arc in the back.
  • Exhale and pull the bar down until the bar touches the upper chest muscles. Pause for a few moments and return inhale to the starting point you started from.

Leg Press + 12 to 15 repetitions

  • It is an exercise that uses a device that pushes the weight away from the legs.
  • We divide this type of exercise into two parts: a vertical press and a cable press.

Overhead Press + 12 to 15 . reps

  • This exercise is one of the weightlifting exercises that benefit the development of the shoulder area.
  • This exercise is performed so that the person stands on his feet so that the weight is lifted from the deltoid muscles in front to the arms above the head.
  • In addition to developing the shoulder area, lamb is useful in developing the triceps and trapezius muscles.

Forward Arm Lifting Exercise (Barbell Curl) + 12 to 15 repetitions

  • This exercise aims to build the muscles of the front arm muscles through iron weights, the machine, the rope connected to the pulley, the straight iron, and others.

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The dates for these exercises

Bodybuilding workout schedule for beginners
Bodybuilding workout schedule for beginners

These exercises are applied three times a week, one day for exercises and one day for rest, and so on, taking into account the warm-up before performing any exercises,

A diet that improves overall health must also be followed, and one to two minutes of rest must be taken before the person performs another exercise to obtain a healthy muscular structure.

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Therefore, the best bodybuilding exercises schedule for beginners and ways to implement them to get a perfect body free of any accumulated fat has been mentioned, and there are other details about body sculpting exercises if you want to know them, you should follow our site constantly.


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