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Nutritional diseases, their causes and prevention methods

Nutritional diseases, their causes and ways to prevent them It usually arises due to neglect in eating healthy foods, and frequent eating of fast foods that are harmful to the health of the body for a long time with only them. Malnutrition diseases also arise due to incomplete nutrition, and reliance on many unhealthy meals.

Nutritional diseases and their symptoms

Many cases of anemia and anemia are caused by eating one specific type of food, while neglecting other types that are necessary to be included in the meal, such as the lack of food content of proteins and vitamins important to the body.

Among the nutritional diseases are the following:

yellowing of the skin human body Especially in the area of ​​the face and hands, and this appears in cases of severe anemia that occurs as a reaction to low levels of iron in the blood.

Which is usually found in red fruits such as watermelon, apples and plums, and in some vegetables such as green beans.

The large size of the liver organ in the human body, in addition to the unwillingness to eat and abstain from food for a long time, which may cause exposure to the risk of thinness and a gradual and rapid decrease in body weight.

And the skin with allergic symptoms everywhere in the body, and the spread of pimples and acne, and the majority of the group affected by allergies in these circumstances are the children.

The lack of natural collagen formation in the human body, and the reason is due to the lack of foods containing vitamin C, which is abundant in citrus fruits such as lemons, tangerines and oranges.

It is also found in grapes and guavas in varying proportions, which negatively affects the formation of bones, the rigidity of the skeletal system and the hardness and strength of teeth.

injury various diseases Concerning the bones of the body, including rickets, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, the appearance of prominent bumps in the bones of the knee and back, and the separation of the vertebrae of the spine.

Fatigue of cartilage and joints and other diseases related to the integrity of the bones in the human body, and the reason is due to the lack of vitamin D secretion in the body.

And two minerals are calcium and potassium, and this may be the main reason for the bowed legs of children and the curvature of their spine.

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Causes of malnutrition diseases

Nutritional Diseases
Nutritional Diseases

There are many reasons that cause a person to suffer from nutritional diseases, including:

  • The lack of proportions of the elements that the human body needs and cannot do without them on a daily basis.
  • Rely mainly on nutrition on fast foods and fried foods, such as french fries, fried chicken, pane, and fried fish.
  • Excessive drinking of canned juices containing preservatives, and bags of chips that contain flavoring agents and elements that may harm the health of the body.
  • Drinking drinks containing Soda Like carbonated water, which is also prohibited, unless it is once a month, so there is nothing wrong with that.
  • Soreness in the area Tonsils And swelling, and this is also a reason why the sick person will not be able to get his meals during the day normally because of the pain caused by swallowing.
  • Exposure to a chronic mental illness that is difficult to recover from, which is severe depression or stressors that cause severe stress.

Stomach cramps, bloating or ulcers, and poor digestion, either due to the stomach itself or another part of the other digestive system, such as the ileum, duodenum or pancreas, which are a clear reason for refraining from eating normally.

Meals that protect against nutritional diseases

Many nutritionists advise the necessity of eating some meals and nutrients that reduce the chances of developing nutritional diseases.

Among these meals:

  • You must eat plants leafy greens Such as lettuce and watercress or fruits such as tomatoes and watermelon with basic meals, for example, with breakfast and lunch.
  • Leafy vegetables can be eaten separately with dinner, because this meal is preferably light, or it can be eaten before lunch in the form of a small fresh salad.
  • Eat vegetables that contain a large proportion of iron, such as spinach, where they are cooked with meat to benefit from their inherent elements, as well as the vitamins they contain and easily digestible fibers that facilitate digestion within the body.
  • It is necessary to eat foods that contain moderate amounts of carbohydrates, even if the body suffers from a lack of protein, it compensates the body for it with the same amount of energy that protein can give the body after burning it in various digestion processes.
  • need to eat Rich foods and drinks In its content of fatty acids, because fats are very useful for the body and cannot be dispensed with as well.
  • It is not recommended to eat Fats Natural abundance in abundance, but in small proportions to help perform some of the processes that take place inside the body, which are found in almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, as well as most of the various seed crops, and in full-fat dairy products.

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Prevention of nutritional diseases

Some of the reasons behind nutritional diseases can be identified, including:

  • Eating protein substances that are related to the growth process of different tissues and cells inside the body, thus protecting children from the phenomenon of dwarfism, and protein has an effective functional role in neutralizing the acidity of the body.
  • It is necessary to take medicines that are used as a nutritional supplement under the supervision of a nutritionist, in the event of inability to organize meals and foods.
  • The necessity of obtaining vitamins that are commensurate with the body’s needs of the necessary minerals and elements, because the supplements contain all the minerals and vitamins the body needs.
  • There is a defect in obtaining meals, and this condition is intended to be excessive intake of meals throughout the day in unaccounted quantities, and thus unexpectedly rapid weight gain.
  • The body may be exposed to laziness, lethargy and lack of desire to perform any important work or activity, and cause it depression and boredom, and the reason is due to the stomach being filled with large quantities of food.
  • Neurotic hunger loss, a disease in which a person suffering from a psychological problem, a delusion disease, feels that he is on the verge of obesity, and that this will hinder him from wearing his clothes as usual.
  • This disease is negative in all his life matters, but in fact the person may not be aware that his weight is appropriate, and therefore resort to drugs that burn a large amount of body fat.
  • Neurotic hunger loss is considered one of the most important nutritional diseases that cause thinness, as a person continues to exercise exhausting exercises, which may harm the health of his heart and subsequently death.

Tips to prevent infection from nutritional diseases

Nutritional Diseases
Nutritional Diseases

There are some medical guidelines recommended by many doctors to prevent nutritional diseases, including:

  • have to put food plan For every new day that man lives, while monitoring the quality of foods and searching for the best healthy foods that cannot harm the family and children.
  • Determine every month a time for diagnosis and laboratory tests to ensure the integrity of the internal organs of the body and tests to ensure the integrity of the immune system.
  • Note growth in children And make a monthly report for each result that is reached.
  • It is necessary to stand in the sunshine at the appropriate times Sunrise time From 9-11 am.
  • Get used to moving the body by doing exercises for the abdomen, legs, chest and buttocks.

In conclusion, we can emphasize Nutritional Diseases It is by relying on a moderate diet, in addition to taking some vitamins and nutritional supplements that a person may need at times.


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