Your experiences with slimming needles

Your experiences with slimming needles

Many types of slimming needles have appeared during the past period, especially with the high rates of obesity, and many would like to know the experiences that others have had with these types, and in fact they help reduce weight and eliminate fat and on the other hand make the body beautiful in shape, and do not result in many complications Negativity also protects the skin, and it is better to do all the tests to ensure the safety of the body and its ability to receive it. Learn more via the website Ocean.

Your experiences with slimming needles

There are many experiments that confirm that slimming needles have been able to reduce weight in many women, and they are as follows:

quick action

  • One of the women, who has not yet reached the age of thirty, says that she was trying to reduce her weight through sports and diets, but her efforts were not crowned with success.
  • She mentioned that the slimming needle called Saxenda helped her lose 27 kilos within 40 days, and she did not use it until the doctor assured her that she did not suffer from any health contraindications.

double the result

  • A woman named Marina confirms that she used the Saxenda needle, because her friend told her about it, but she noticed that it was not cheap, and was not included with insurance treatments.
  • Marina used the needles for a period of 3 months, but the weight did not exceed ten pounds, and she developed a lot of bad symptoms, for example headaches.

Goodbye obesity

  • A 40-year-old woman, Rin, said that she had been suffering from overweight problems for many years, until her weight exceeded 100 kilos.
  • Ren resorted to slimming needles because the doctor advised her to do so, and the result appeared on her within 10 days, and she was able to lose 50 kilos in a hundred days.

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Your experiences with slimming needles
Your experiences with slimming needles

Injection methods with slimming needles

There are two methods of injecting slimming needles, one of which can be applied according to what the doctor deems appropriate, and they are as follows:

Manual injection

  • Specially manufactured needles are used for these types of treatments, and the injected material must reach the middle layer.
  • The injection does not require any financial cost, in addition, the specialist can deliver the injected material to the place designated for it.

injection devices

  • The patient is injected with a device with fine needles attached, and the substance is released once or several times.
  • The velocity of release must be high, moreover, the person should be stationary, and this type of injection is characterized by minimal pain.

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Your experiences with slimming needles
Your experiences with slimming needles

Pre-injection procedures

There are several procedures that must be taken into account before applying slimming needles to the person who requests them, as follows:

area clearing

  • The injection area must be disinfected before any needle is placed in it, so that the person is not exposed to infection.


  • The area where the injection will be given is numbed before any substance is inserted into it.

allergy test

  • It is preferable to do a sensitivity test for the person before applying the needles, to know the problems that the skin may be exposed to after the injection.

Medical examinations

  • It is preferable to do a comprehensive examination before applying the needles and after they are finished, to avoid any risks to the person.

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Your experiences with slimming needles
Your experiences with slimming needles

Benefits of slimming needles

Slimming needles have many benefits that are desired by all people who suffer from the problem of obesity, as follows:

Lose weight

  • Slimming needles contribute to making a person lose a huge amount of weight within a few months, and one of the most prominent qualities that many rely on is Saxenda.

weight stability

  • The person’s weight is stabilized after applying the slimming needles, and the person does not have any serious complications.


  • Needles contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients that the body requires, in addition, it lowers the level of glucose from the body.

feeling full

  • The needles contain hormones that help you feel full, in addition, the skin is not damaged by them.

not staying

  • The person does not stay in the hospital for a long time, but is discharged immediately after the completion of the injection.

raise insulin

  • The needles help to raise the insulin, which makes the amount of burning more, and it also reduces the usual movement of the intestines.

Note: Some people feel bruises in the injection areas or see a burning effect in that area, so there is no need to worry because all of them disappear within two weeks.

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Tips for using slimming needles

It is preferable to apply some tips that make the person who applies slimming needles safer, as follows:

Drinking water

  • You must remember to drink water continuously, and it is good to drink a cup every two hours, until the body is cleansed of any toxins that infect it.

Healthy food

  • It is preferable to resort to proper nutrition that includes an adequate amount of vitamins, in addition to minerals that strengthen the body and make it enjoy better health.


  • It is preferable to exercise continuously, so that the weight reached by the patient remains stable.

Fast food

  • It is preferable to stop fast food and foods that contain a high amount of fat.


  • It is preferable to stay away from any problems that cause stress, in addition to giving up anxiety because it causes depression.


  • It is preferable to sleep for enough time so that the body enjoys the strength and health that helps it to complete life, as a person needs seven to nine hours every day.

Many people ask about your experiences with slimming needles in pharmacies, and some women have talked that their results are effective and have appeared within two weeks,

A few believe that the result was slow and took a lot of time, and it is good to cleanse the area before the injection, in addition to applying a sensitivity test and doing all the required tests, in addition to anesthetizing the injection site.


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