15 Surprisingly Vegan Snack Foods You Should Try

15 Surprisingly Vegan Snack Foods You Should Try

This one is surprising, for more than a few reasons. For one, they are coming from Jell-O, a brand literally based around gelatin. However, we are not focusing on their gelatin-based products. Instead, we are looking at Jell-O pudding and flan. But wait! Don’t pudding and flan usually contain ingredients such as eggs and milk? Yes, they do. But here is where the magic happens.

For Jell-O flan, it says right on the front of the package, “contains no eggs.” This is a good first step. A quick peek at the back of the package indicates there is also no dairy or gelatin of any kind, instead using carrageenan and locust bean gum as thickeners, both of which are derived from plants. While the instructions tell you to add milk, that does not mean you have to use cow’s milk. If you use a plant-based milk, you can have yourself a vegan flan.

The same instructions can be found on the Jell-O instant vanilla pudding. The ingredients also contain sugar, stars, and some colors and flavors. No animal products are found in this product, and if you use dairy-free milk to finish it off, you will have a delicious vegan snack in no time.


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