The Simple Test To Tell If A Bar Has Decent Vegan Food

The Simple Test To Tell If A Bar Has Decent Vegan Food

As veganism becomes more popular and the alternatives available at grocery stores expand, so should the options that restaurants offer. So from now on, instead of settling for your everyday veggie burger or salad when you go to the bar with your buddies, look for places that offer a little something extra. A dairy alternative, vegan cheese option is usually a good signifier that you’ll get an excellent vegan bar meal — and that goes for pizza and Mexican restaurants too. Vegan cheese can easily be added or substituted in vegetarian dishes that normally contain cheese to make them completely plant-based.

The same thing can be said about sauces too — and no, ketchup and mustard do not count. Yes, they’re vegan, but they’re standard. What you should look for are vegan versions of other traditionally non-vegan sauces, such as ranch, aiolis, yogurt sauces, and cremas. Similar to vegan cheese, having a vegan sauce option on the menu opens up many more possibilities for plant-based eaters who can substitute or add them to dishes of their choice. Obviously, these menu options really only work for vegans if there’s some sort of vegan protein or meat alternative available on the menu as well.

While Beyond burgers are delicious, a good vegan spot will also offer alternatives that have been prepared from scratch. Keep a special eye out for alternatives made from bases of seaweeds, mushrooms, eggplant, tempeh, tofu, and other legumes, as they tend to demonstrate a deeper understanding of plant-based eating.


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