Food startup debuts world's first texturized plant-based 'meat' burger

Food startup debuts world’s first texturized plant-based ‘meat’ burger

Meat. The End, an Israeli-based food startup engaged in making plant-based “meat” products, has unveiled the world’s first texturized burger. The company claims that its newest offering mimics the smell, taste, and bite of a classic meat burger.

Plant-based alternative meat is a major revolution in the food industry that aims to provide a source of protein to the global population without sourcing them from animals. Instead, it relies on a process called extrusion which has been in use for the production of products like cereal and puffed snacks and uses it to process plant proteins into mimicking animal-sourced meat.

Conventionally, plant-based meat companies have relied on protein from soy and, more recently, peas to make their products. However, the chickpea, one of the earliest cultivated legumes known to have high protein content, has now also been found to be an ideal processing ingredient to mimic the texture of meat.

The texturized ‘meat’ burger

The race to build the best plant-based meat burger began some time ago, with Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat looking to wow customers by getting their burger patties to taste just like the meat-based ones. Israel-based Meat, The End (MTE), however, is taking a different approach.


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