What are the causes of premenstrual syndrome?

What are the causes of premenstrual syndrome?

Some girls and women accompany premenstrual syndrome, which comes in the form of psychological fluctuations and open appetite for food, in addition to breast sensitivity and inability to touch it, in addition to insomnia. From it, it does not become natural, but rather it takes the form of psychological agitation or complete silence, learn more through the website Ocean.

Causes of premenstrual syndrome

Some factors contribute to the emergence of premenstrual syndrome, and they are as follows:


  • Depression in some women contributes to premenstrual syndrome, especially the previously undiagnosed type.

hormonal change

  • The hormonal changes that precede the period contribute to the emergence of symptoms of the syndrome, but they begin to fade with the occurrence of pregnancy, and they disappear once you enter menopause.

chemical changes

  • The neurotransmitter called serotonin changes and results in mood shifts, especially in the period leading up to menstruation, and abnormal sleep disturbances occur.

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premenstrual syndrome
premenstrual syndrome

Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

Many symptoms that indicate premenstrual syndrome, including psychological and physical, appear as follows:

physical symptoms

  • Feeling tired and unable to do any effort.
  • Fluid retention, which results in swelling and deformation of several areas of the body.
  • The emergence of many pimples on the face called acne, which produces oils that clog the pores.
  • Feeling of headache and increased desire to eat sweets, in addition to poor concentration.
  • Severe pain in the breast as well as in the joints, and the girl’s insomnia.

psychological symptoms

  • The girl gets angry for the least reason, she gets angry quickly, and most of the time she cries without problems.
  • Strong mood swings, as well as feelings of stress and sadness, and resorting to sleeping a lot.

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premenstrual syndrome

premenstrual syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome

The date of premenstrual syndrome differs from one girl to another, because the menstrual cycle differs from one woman to another, and in fact, symptoms can appear five or more days before her appearance, and it is good to write down the symptoms as soon as they appear and compare them with the rest of the months.

The doctor must be informed of any disorders that occur or any new symptom that occurs to the girl, because neglecting to treat them contributes to the emergence of health problems,

Like endometriosis, a girl can also develop polycystic ovaries, as well as severe depression that needs prompt treatment.

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How to deal with premenstrual syndrome?

A girl who suffers from a lot of fluctuations that occur in the period of premenstrual syndrome is afraid of the coming of her period, and the problems that accompany her during this period can be dealt with in the following way:

Playing sports

  • It is preferable to resort to sports that give the body comfort and help the girl reduce the anxiety that affects her, and walking is the best activity that helps calm the mood.


  • Relaxation helps reduce pre-menstrual stress, and massage and yoga are among the most powerful relaxation activities.


  • Girls should take care to drink water, especially during the period and in the period before it, so that any toxins stuck in the body are removed.

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premenstrual syndrome
premenstrual syndrome

Foods that relieve premenstrual syndrome

Healthy foods make the body strong and healthy, in addition to keeping it away from problems that bring diseases, especially in the period of premenstrual syndrome, and among the best foods that help relieve its symptoms are:

fruits and vegetables

  • It is preferable to eat fruits that contain vitamin B and a lot of fiber, such as carrots, apples and leafy green vegetables, as well as bananas, pears and watermelon.

Dairy and dairy products

  • It is preferable to eat two glasses of milk every day, in addition to eating cheese that does not contain a lot of fat, such as cottage cheese and cheddar.

Carbohydrate foods

  • Foods that contain carbohydrates in appropriate proportions, for example, whole grains, should be eaten, because they make the sugar level good and protect against mood swings.

NoteSome foods contribute to premenstrual syndrome symptoms, so they should be avoided during this period, for example, salt, sweets and caffeine.

premenstrual syndrome treatment

Premenstrual syndrome can be treated with therapies that facilitate this, as follows:


  • Contraception contributes to alleviating the disturbances that occur to women during the cycle.


  • Diuretics contribute to the exclusion of excess fluid, which makes the bloating go away, and spironolactone is the best of them, but it is taken under the supervision of a specialist.


  • Antidepressants can be applied to reduce stress and calm the psychological disturbances that afflict the girl before the period.
  • Serotonin inhibitors are the most powerful type of treatment that calms the mood and helps women control their emotions.


  • Painkillers reduce spasms in the lower abdomen, and it is good to rely on non-steroidal types, the best of which is naproxen.

Inhibiting hormones

  • It is possible to take hormones that help to inhibit the excessive activity of the ovaries, and it is best to apply them for only 6 months, so as not to affect the bones.

Many girls are exposed to some disorders called premenstrual syndrome, which are in the form of headaches, insomnia and actions, in addition to fluid retention and breast pain, and the hormonal disorders that accompany that period are the original cause of it.

It is best to follow a dietary method that contributes to calming it, in addition to exercising and relaxing, and it is possible to rely on antidepressants, diuretics and inhibitory hormones in its treatment.


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