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The body’s need for protein and its damage when lacking it

Those interested in their health are looking forward to know the body’s need for protein in order to apply it daily, because it is one of the important elements that support cell growth, in addition, it helps to strengthen tissues and repair damaged ones, and on the other hand, it works to stimulate hormones as well as activates enzymes and helps them to develop, in addition to that supports It helps in the formation of bones and makes the skin grow healthy, and it is good to eat a balanced amount of it, learn more through the website Ocean.

The body’s need for protein

It is preferable that a person picks up from all foods that contain proteins and does not stop at one type, and people need it, as follows:


  • The body of the average person who does not exercise much requires between 8 and 1.3, that is, for every kilo of his body.

teenage girls

  • Girls who have reached their teenage years need 46 grams per day.

pregnant ladies

  • It is preferable for a pregnant woman who has a normal lifestyle to take 71 grams of protein every day, and it is good for nursing mothers to take in the same amount.


  • Babies who are still breastfeeding need only 10 grams, while those who have reached school age take from 19 to 34 grams.

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The body's need for protein
The body’s need for protein

Calculation of protein intake according to weight and activity

The amount that the body requires of protein can be calculated according to its weight and the activities a person does during the day. An adult human body requires 0.8 grams per kilo,

That is, an individual who weighs 70 kilograms needs 56 grams of protein every day, and it must be noted that those who apply special sports such as weightlifting or swimming need 1.3 grams.

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protein sources

The body’s need for protein can be obtained through animal sources because it contains rich acids, and it is good to choose low-fat dairy,

In addition to following the instructions that help the individual eat the beneficial and give up the harmful, they are as follows:

Avoid fat

  • It is preferable to choose meat that does not contain fats that are harmful to health, and it is preferable to reduce the amount of meat that enters the body, because it exposes the person to heart disease.

Avoid the manufacturer

  • You should stay away from any processed meat, for example sausage, and give up putting a lot of sodium.

eat fish

  • Fish contains a good component that everyone needs, which is the omega-3 which is found in salmon.

fiber intake

  • A good amount of fiber should be included in the nutrients a person takes in, for example legumes and vegetables.

Whole grains

  • There is a large amount of protein in whole grains, so it is preferable to eat an appropriate amount of it, the most important of which are wheat and corn.

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The body's need for protein
The body’s need for protein

Cases that require a higher protein intake

Those interested in their health tend to apply good habits and take the quantities of proteins that suit their weight, but sometimes the body’s need for protein increases in some people, as follows:


  • People who want to build muscle should take in a high amount of protein, i.e. from 5 to 2.2 grams.

doing activities

  • The body of a person who does a lot of exercise requires a higher amount of protein, for example those who have physical jobs and athletes, ie from 2 to 1.4 grams.


  • The elderly’s need for protein increases with age, so that they do not have bone problems, i.e. from 9 to 1.2.

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The body's need for protein
The body’s need for protein

Protein benefits for the body

A person will not be able to complete the work required of him without meeting the body’s need for protein, and among the most important benefits it provides to the person; the following:

mass increase

  • Body mass increases, muscles can develop normally, and bones are strengthened.

protects health

  • Protein helps people with health problems, especially as they get older.
  • Protein protects a person from clots, in addition to protecting the kidneys from weakness.

stimulates burning

  • Eating protein in a balanced manner helps burn fat.

tissue repair

  • The protein works to repair wounds, restore tissues to normal, and quickly recover from the sicknesses to which the patient is exposed.

Immunity booster

  • The protein contributes to providing immunity, and this is done by forming antibodies to all kinds of bacteria that try to infiltrate it.

Disadvantages of protein deficiency

The body’s need for protein must be achieved on a daily basis so that it is not exposed to the following problems:

skin damage

  • The skin is damaged and the skin peels off, in addition, the hair is damaged.

general weakness

  • The person suffers from general weakness in the body, in addition, he is unable to carry out the required tasks.

exposure to fractures

  • The body of a person with a strong protein deficiency is constantly exposed to fractures.

growth retardation

  • Lack of protein causes a delay in growth in children, and on the other hand, he cannot fight infection.

increased appetite

  • Protein suppresses appetite, and its deficiency makes a person tend to eat foods that increase weight.

The body’s need of protein varies from one individual to another. Children do not need as much as an adult or the elderly should take it. It is preferable that a normal person should take 0.8 per kilo of his body, and protein is abundant in animal sources.

It is better to choose cuts that do not contain fat, in addition to including fish in the weekly diet and giving up processed meat, and in fact, people who suffer from a protein deficiency are exposed to delayed growth and damaged skin.


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