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What is ASO analysis?

ASO analysis is one of the important analyzes of bacterial infection that can cause many dangerous complications, also known as the analysis of anti-streptolysin or the proportion of anti-streptolysin in the blood of type O (ANTISTREPTOLYSIN O TITER), through the article we will present the most important points about the analysis ASO and what are the symptoms that require such an appropriate analysis and how to do such an analysis via the site Ocean.

What is ASO analysis?

ASO analysis is done in order to look for a specific group of antibodies circulating in the blood, and these antibodies are produced due to infection with a group of group A streptococcal infections.

It is one of the laboratory analyzes that is done when the patient has a sore throat as well as when there is an infection in the skin, and the bacterial infection appears significantly when the diagnosis and treatment is not given appropriately.

When exposed to such a bacterial infection, many complications appear, and antibodies to streptococci or to streptolysin O remain in the blood from 3 to 8 weeks,

Even after a period of infection, levels may remain high for many months after infection.

There are some cases that require two examinations, with an interval of about two weeks between them, to confirm infection or recovery, by monitoring the levels and proportions of antibodies in the blood.

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ASO . analysis
ASO . analysis

What symptoms may require an ASO analysis

There is a group of symptoms associated with exposure to complications of cocci or group A streptococcus, knowing that they may also appear due to many other health problems that are not associated with such complications, the most important of which are:

  • Rheumatic fever: It has a significant impact on different areas of the body, such as the heart, bones and joints. Its most important symptoms are fever, as well as feeling bloated with pain and aches in many joints of the body, mostly the joints of the wrists, as well as pain in the knees, with the possibility of pain moving from one place. for another.
  • Feeling fast cramps.
  • The appearance of some small nodules under the skin and are painless.
  • Inflammation of the heart and this causes heart palpitations, with shortness of breath, as well as some pain in the chest.
  • Inflammation of the kidneys with a number of other symptoms, the most important of which is feeling tired as well as fatigue in general with a rash.
  • As well as feeling pain in the joints as well as a noticeable decrease in the amount of urine, or in some cases blood may appear in it, in addition to high blood pressure.
  • The presence of swelling in the body.

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ASO . analysis
ASO . analysis

How to perform an ASO analysis

Until the ASO analysis is performed, a sample of the patient’s blood is taken, through a vein in the hand or arm, and then sent to specialized laboratories.

The doctor follows up on the results while making sure that the patient is followed up on basic points, the most important of which is identifying all the medicines that are used, whether under the guidance of a specialist doctor or without any directions.

The patient must also follow up on the treatment prescribed by the doctor, and it should not be stopped until after consulting the doctor.

This is in addition to the doctor’s prescription to immediately stop using some medications until the completion of the analysis, and the medications that must be stopped are a number of corticosteroid antibiotics.

Which may be the reason for the low levels and levels of some antibodies and thus the difficulty of diagnosing the disease, in addition to refraining from eating and drinking for up to 6 hours before the analysis.

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ASO . analysis
ASO . analysis

Interpretation of ASO Analysis Results

The results of the ASO analysis depend on many factors, the most important of which are the patient’s medical history, as well as the patient’s gender and age, and the method in which the examination is conducted is one of the important factors affecting the diagnosis and interpretation of the pathological condition.

Positive results mean that all antibodies have been found, which expresses the patient’s infection with a conjugate or streptococcus bacteria soon, yet there is a ratio of one case in five cases.

An increase in antibodies does not appear in the examination even though the patient has been infected, and therefore this may need a set of other tests and analyzes.

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Side Effects of ASO . Analysis

There are some cases that face difficulty when taking the sample from others, due to the different sizes of veins and arteries for each person from the other,

This is in addition to the different sizes of the same person in another way, although side effects are considered rare during sampling.

One of the rare side effects is infection through a wound to the skin during sampling, in addition to the possibility of bleeding when the needle is inserted, and some cases may experience blood pooling under the skin or fainting.

The correct follow-up with the attending physician when taking a sample from the ASO analysis is one of the important reasons for obtaining a quick recovery,

And this is mostly without the appearance of complications or side effects of bacterial infection, as well as making sure to follow the instructions of the treating doctor and taking care of taking the medicine correctly to prevent the occurrence of the undesirable consequences.


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