¿Who are you converting your TV to Smart TV? You decide on the alternatives that you have and how they adapt better to you.

Vamos has an explainer how to convert your old television into a Smart TV, or how to improve what you have. We have a guide format, in which we have an explanation to do what you need to know, put it on a Smart TV and follow it with what you need to have your TV for the evolving salt, the devices with those that need it, and more.

The fact is that it is impossible to encounter a television that is not intelligent. Therefore, this guide will direct the owners of these types of devices, as long as they have an old television like they have a Smart TV which has internal capacities and is not in the size, and in case it can be considered more “tonta” than “intelligent” .

And as we have already decided on Xataka Basics, if we consider that our hemos are already part of the guide, we invite you to do so already you are advised in the aside from comments. Therefore, all users can benefit from the knowledge of our new users.

What is the llamamos a Smart TV

Before you start, let's try to explain why you are considering a Smart TV. This will operate on televisions that have internal specifications and an operating system that allows them download and use various types of applications and games connect to the Internet.

Come and pass the mismo with the mobiles. These are typical phones that have all of our lives that have apps or basic games that are not connected to the Internet on our phones that we can consider as “tontos”. However, smart phones have much more internal power, full applications and connection to the network. These are “Smart” or intelligent.

Y lo mismo pasa con los televisores. However, these are “tontas” or conventional TVs that simply tune into the channels and watch the TV. Ahora lo común est que sean “intelligentes”, que se conecten a Internet, et que permitan bajar apps que van desde sas de información hasta other like streaming services, pasando por juegos. There are also many other functions integrated with the channels, and you can access many more via the Internet.

Finally, the “Smart” term means precisely intelligent, there are devices that we consider to be the same as that. connect to the Internet You can navigate via red, access all types of content, and use games and apps that are much more powerful and complete.

Smart TVs are their own more popular than conventional televisions, you only have an internal computer, an operating system, and many more hardware components. Aun así, tampoco es algo que deba preocuparte mucho, porque today all the TVs are on their smart phonesit is impossible to encounter one with capabilities and quality of modern images and high ones that are not at sea.

What is necessary to have your smart TV

If you want a conventional TV to be smart like if you want an old-fashioned smart phone with more power and capacity, the main requirement is this: Want to buy a device that connects to the TV?and that there is an operating system adapted to the device.

If you want to have this, you will need very few things:

  • That you tele tenga HDMI: The HDMI is the connector that requires the majority of devices to connect to your television, so it is very necessary that you have one of these anchors.
  • A free ride on TV: It is normal that the majority of these devices need to be connected first to the television, and second to the channel to function. Because there may be some reason that the TV owner's power is drained with USB connections, but most of it needs to be plugged in.
  • Internet connection: You will also need to have a WiFi in your home that you connect to, for better performance, an Ethernet connection on some occasions. This type of device can be connected to WiFi to have apps and use online functions, and in some cases it also has Ethernet.

And if you have a living room where you have a TV that will be more intelligent than usual, you will only hear what you need. decide which device to use para ello. There are a number of models, with different characteristics and specifications.

What to keep before deciding which device to use

At the time of day the decision of which device to purchase is made, owe tener en cuenta algunas cosas You need to define the type that is necessary to reduce the list of candidates as much as possible. Therefore, if my English tells me what device it is, I will respond with a model that says it has all of these items.

The most important thing is to hold in cuenta the operating system what will hold the device. The majority of them are Android TV or Google TV, which are similar to other applications. Sin embargo, Amazon maintains a variation of Android on its devices with its own apps, although manufacturers like Apple also support its operating systems.

At the time of thinking about the operating system, you must also consider the ecosystem of your other devices. So you have to decide that if you have a Mac and/or your main mobile is an iPhone, you can say that an Apple TV can be entered by the combined functions and compatibility. However, if you have an Android phone, the Apple device is completely disconnected, and you know that it is on an Android TV, Fire TV or Google TV.

And having eco-systems, we also plan them in if you need concrete digital assistance. So you decide that if you have a smart home configured with specific assistance like Google or Amazon Alexa, you may find it useful for your Smart TV device with this assistance.

Other things to keep in cuenta es the factor format of the device to use. Mainly there are some that are called “dogs”, and that are like USB sockets, but which connect to the HDMI of the television directly. And now it's the same as a main unit that needs to be placed in the same place. They are more powerful, but they require a minimum of space in the furniture where you have the TV.

Also important to calculate that specification of orientations are necessary that tenga the device. For example, if your TV is a FullHD you don't need to have 4K capability, there are other options like Dolby Atmos compatibility, you need voice support, etc. that you should consider.

Related to the previous speaker was thought about lo potente que vas necesitar que sea This Smart TV device. For example, you can use simple streaming apps in FullHD that you can use to install games or other more demanding apps.

To finish, there are other aspects that normally determine the decision. the price that is available for purchase by one of these devices. Because we do not have any permission or permission to do so, the price may vary. However, if you pay a very low price, there are other aspects mentioned as specifications that will not be valid.

Ultimately, you should try to think about all of these things for here is a general idea of ​​what you need. However, you may have some of the perfect devices for you, and you will also have to decide whether to pay a little more or sacrifice your services.

Devices to access your smart TV

We wish to offer a list with you the main devices that you can use To make sure your TV is converted to smart phone. We are going to be among the most popular, giving some of its most important characteristics. Every one of them can have different modelsit has been renovated for a few months or a year.

Google Chromecast

Inside the world of dongles, which is how it relates to the pins connected to the television, The Chromecast is from now on the big reference. Initially only served to receive content from the mobile, but there is cuenta with your processor owner and a Google TV operating system to offer all the functions.

You can keep a distance, you can enjoy all the apps and games you want, and you can enjoy all streaming services practically. The current model, the Chromecast with Google TV, has all of this and a button to assist in the command, in addition to versions with HD or 4K quality to adapt to the presupuestos and necessities.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is another of the great protagonists In the world of dongles, we offer a good adjusted price and many possibilities for users who can use them accordingly. You can now use Chromecast from Google, but you can also support Alexa for interactions with the connected device.

There are various models of this pinch available, such as a Lite with TV controls, a normal one that has a FullHD image resolution, and another with a resolution that is up to 4K, with its corresponding increase in power. There is also a category of proprietary apps, and if not otherwise, the possibility of installing APKs.

Xiaomi Mi TV Box

Pasamos ya a la categoría conocida como set top boxes, that these are small boxes that are connected to the TV, but they are not directly touched. Aquí, desde hace manyos años The Xiaomi Mi TV Box has the biggest referenceswith a good adjustment between capacities and prices.

At the moment of writing these words, the best version is the Mi TV Box S, with Google Assistant in the command, buttons dedicated to streaming services, and 4K quality. It has versatility, power, and some connectors more like a USB on the back side.

Apple TV

Apple has its own set top box to convert your TV to smart, but is an alternative more characteristic that otras. So yes, if you are in the Apple ecosystem, you have to take the pena, you can install the included apps, want content from Mac and iPhone, and use native apps from Photos, iCloud and more, and also options like having video clips on it. TV using the iPhone as a camera.

One of the bases of this device is the native Apple TV app, which allows you to centralize the content of which you have in all the streaming apps that you have installed, to allow you to return movies and series without switching between apps. It has a lot of power and memory, command with Siri, 4K resolution, and a model with Ethernet.

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro

This is the set top box below the list, but it is also worthy of mention. The NVIDIA Shield is also more powerful today, even if you want to use it as a console for the most demanding Android games. It has an Android operating system, Ethernet port, and 4K resolution with all the features for perfect viewing.

How to configure these devices

The way in which one of these devices is configured is different, and depends on its own processes. But all of these cases only have points in common. For example, go to need vincular a user cuefrom Google to those based on Android or Google TV and from Apple on your brand's device.

With all of this, all of the contents that are available on the official operating system of the main operating system, Android or iOS, are also available for purchase. We don't have to worry about photos from official apps and lots of content. Everything is centralized through this user cue.

During the configuration process at the same time tend to connect to an Internet network, there is this connection with which you can configure everything, view the profile and perform an initial update. If you are at home, you can always check the connection of your mobile to use your data rate at this end. Eso yes, you can llegar a gastar bastantes datos.

Now you have completed the initial configuration as soon as save the applications that you will use, including streaming apps you will also be able to initiate a session with the cue that has ten contracted subscriptions. So, the tendrás are all prepared to use them.

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